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Welcome to a different episode of Bull Moore Pass I'm after all joined by Brian Evans and as we speak we've got Amino rewards Amino rewards is an online 3 Sports and Health and Fitness ecosystem able to Change the way in which we method Fitness uh With the online 3 twist so welcome Andrew How are you as we speak I'm good thanks thanks guys for Having me and I'm actually excited to inform You about what we're doing right here Great so principally the premise of the Show is you'll have between 5 to Ten minutes it's as much as you to elucidate Amino the perfect you can to Brian and I after which we are going to flip the change and Basically begin asking questions on Your challenge okay Great Um Before I I get into uh the specifics of The challenge I need to give a two-minute Background simply on on me and the way we bought Started and the way this challenge has developed Um my title is Andrew I've been within the Space for simply over two years Um have had lots of success serving to our Marketing groups and serving to out tasks That have carried out extraordinarily properly however Um I discovered that lots of them should not Sustainable until you might have that Business backing it and I actually really feel Like I've graduated from serving to out Stuff that's not sustainable and

Learning extra concerning the blockchain and Um actually studying about the Because I I strongly imagine within the Blockchain know-how I actually suppose That in from now Um each web site something with funds Is going to be facilitated on the Blockchain to keep away from kyc and bank card Fees so Um simply been studying increasingly About the blockchain in ways in which we are able to Use it and combine it into conventional Tech corporations and I imagine that Should additionally work that approach for for Longevity the place actually everybody can win So Um I at all times admit how how this challenge Started it began off the again of the Move to earnhipe we noticed step in and step App and all these tokens go to billions Of absolutely diluted valuations and so the Idea was to make a challenge referred to as Fitcoin which we have been going to attempt to Take it one step additional as our Differentiator we have been going to do transfer To earn however attempt to reward for operating in Other exercises Um very blissful that we noticed the way in which that That unfolded with the opposite transfer to Earn as a result of much like what I used to be Saying earlier than I imply we discovered that That's probably not a sustainable Model A Lot of them are very over difficult Where you want nfts

Um persons are incomes attempting to get wealthy By strolling and it simply causes the mannequin To collapse lots of them have two token Models which provides one other layer of Complexity and so I'm very blissful that I Saw that as a result of we watched lots of These caps come crashing down the Hype pale Um however I believe that there was one thing Really good there that did take pleasure in Using the blockchain that approach was a enjoyable Use of the tech rewarding for steps Um so we by no means launched that challenge I Took a step again and actually wished to See how we may use this and take it Five steps additional to construct an actual Business out of this Um and that's that's the place Amino was Born So I'm going to share my display right here Just to indicate you the place the place we ended up Going with this our new Amino web site It's not dwell but however I'm simply going to Go by means of it and sort of present you the place We went so Um Amino is a well being and health centered Customer Loyalty program Loyalty packages have been round for Over 40 years all the foremost corporations Use them Starbucks as a loyalty program Your bank cards have loyalty packages And we predict that blockchain know-how Really improves this idea as a result of it Adds fungibility to factors and there's a

Lot extra stuff you are able to do with it and When you earn once you earn factors from Your bank card you'll be able to often simply Redeem that in the direction of your steadiness or Maybe they've a catalog Starbucks you Just put in the direction of Um your your coffees or no matter it's This approach uh by constructing it on the Blockchain with a cryptocurrency token You get fungibility so you'll be able to convert Those rewards Um into regular factors and use them on a Catalog you'll be able to trade them to different Cryptocurrencies you'll be able to combine to Any different utility that's constructed on the Blockchain a lot simpler so we've got a Health and health theme to our loyalty Program however that's that's the primary of amino inside our ecosystem There's many alternative methods to earn So we make it extraordinarily simple to enroll It's free to grow to be a member and you'll Earn for taking part in Fitness Activities that may be just like the transfer To earn which I'll get into quickly Um but additionally we've partnered with lots of The largest manufacturers on the planet and to Reward you for partaking with them and Actually incomes money again once you store With these manufacturers Just a little bit promo video however we don't Need to enter that so Um Like the issue with transfer to earn as I

Mentioned is there's no actual Revenue Stream again in that it's it's uh I I Don't need to say a Ponzi scheme but it surely Works so much like that the place you're Holding again half the availability and giving Out these tokens finally it's going To trigger a giant crash Um it's not sustainable the way in which that Amino works is we maintain a really small Percentage of the availability that we give Um by means of Amino transfer for strolling and Running however we settle for that that's a Marketing expense and the aim of Giving out these tokens is simply to Engage folks reward them for being Healthier however a lot of the rewards in our Ecosystem are literally linked to income Which permits for an actual sustainable Model in enterprise as a result of once we give Out these tokens we are able to truly purchase Them again and replenish in order that the the Project's sustainable we've already Signed up over 200 Merchants a few of the Headliners are Nike Um aloe Microsoft our subsequent high targets Are are Amazon and apple they need to See a dwell app which we can have in Three to 4 months simply after the Token launch however Um you'll be able to truly present up with Amino Shop at any of those retailers and earn Cashback there's different packages like a Lolly or a Rakuten the place you may additionally Shop at lots of these identical retailers

The approach that the rationale that individuals will Want to make use of this as a substitute of these Programs is as a result of we're a curated checklist Of a pair hundred Health Fitness Lifestyle and Tech Merchants Um we work particularly with a few of These retailers to truly offer you Other provides and higher offers we're Going to characteristic just a few of them that we Want to work with and really offer you More money again by means of our token which Allows us to try this so long as the Rewards are linked to income and Incentivizing you to have interaction with these Retailers so we are able to go and present that Data and really get higher offers Um so Amino transfer is presently dwell in The app retailer proper now that is our transfer To earn app however we take it a step Further with uh challenges operating Feature we truly are within the course of Of acquiring an Loi from aloe yoga which Is one of many largest yoga corporations in The world they're going to combine Amino rewards into their allo strikes app To truly increase engagement so the way in which It'll work is on the amino transfer app You're going to have a piece for Partner rewards the place simply one other approach To elevate these Partnerships with our Brands that we need to align with Um like think about we have been capable of companion With Peloton and now you can earn tokens For finishing a motorcycle and that's a

Conversation that we're actively having As properly so a few of the stats on Amino Move we've truly proved that individuals Love this primarily based on the info we've got 600 000 signups on Amino transfer and 75 000 Users lively day by day which Um is a fairly wonderful feat as a result of our Whole aim of amino transfer is simply to Engage folks to place the procuring provides In entrance of them and provides them these Those particular provides from our model Partners Um we've additionally acquired lots of Testimonies from a few of our customers that Say that Um they're inspired to get their 10 000 steps in that's the aim that we set To hold your streak and multiply your Earnings and with the intention to get a spot on The leaderboard you could full 10 000 steps to get a streak of sooner or later Some of our customers have over 100 Day streaks imagine it or not and we Have over 10 000 customers who've an Active streak which implies that over ten Thousand folks accomplished ten thousand Steps yesterday with the app so some Pretty wonderful knowledge for such an early Stage product Here's just a few screenshots and exhibits That it's out there Um On Apple and Android and that is Well first I truly need to get into

Something fairly wonderful so you'll be able to see Here we've got the Washington commanders In massive we truly bought accredited by the NFL which isn't the Sports League on this planet as a result of I might say Soccer has an even bigger viewers however anybody Who lives in North America is aware of is aware of How prestigious the NFL is to work with Um extraordinarily arduous to get approval Especially to promote there as a Cryptocurrency and we we truly bought Approval from the league to go companion With groups so we signed a three-year Partnership with the Washington Commanders let me know in the event you guys can See this can you see it Brian and George yep so I simply wished to Show the press launch right here from our our Partnership to indicate that it's it's not At all about Shilling a token the way in which That we method this it's we are going to by no means Be Shilling the token it's about including Value to the enterprise to extend Revenue by means of Um bringing on folks into this system And getting them to buy with us the place We truly earn a living as a result of we're Actually getting money again from these uh Retailers if some if our take care of Nike For instance is 5 p.c and somebody Spends 100 {dollars} at Nike by means of Amino we truly get a verify for 5 Dollars from that spend and we share That with the consumer in order you'll be able to see

Here it's a three-year partnership which Really exhibits that we're critical about This and right here to remain and Um it's it's all concerning the Commander's Commitment to well being and health and Rewarding their followers Um If we return right here you'll be able to see sort of The catalog so that is one thing {that a} Lot of the opposite money again packages are Missing the place it goes full circle with a Catalog you can truly redeem the Points for the place you get extra unique Offers and experiences so Um let's undergo the movement right here so if You're a fan of the Washington Commanders and also you go to a recreation you see The amino advert we've got a 50-foot Banner Outside of their stadium and provides all Over the LEDs however we're additionally doing so much More like we've got electronic mail blasts and I can Show you and tweets from their precise Page to hitch contests in the event you're a fan of The commanders you discover out about Amino You join after which after you earn you Can truly redeem for unique Experiences that you just solely get by means of us If you need to go early to a recreation and go On the sphere if you wish to go to a Practice Um simply actually cool stuff after which Obviously merch And simply so you recognize Andrew you bought About 30 seconds left

Um okay so I believe that just about Covers it blissful to reply extra I don't Need to enter all of our future plans I imply actually the main focus right here is to Engage the customers and usher in the suitable Partners and make it enjoyable for the members While earning profits so we arrange a Win-win-win scenario for uh the manufacturers Sports groups the customers the token holders Everyone can win with this as a result of There's so some ways to profit the final Thing I'm going to say earlier than we wrap up Just on the theme of a sustainable Business I raised funds for this firm As a tech firm Um in order that approach we don't need to depend on Selling tokens or producing cash from The tokens I elevate Um as a tech firm to ship the Roadmap I discovered people who find themselves purchased Into the imaginative and prescient and need to personal a part of This Tech and that's that's Amina So Yeah thanks guys for for listening And blissful to reply any questions Yeah and by the way in which you're one of many First folks that I've truly observed A metamask Um in your browser so that you truly use The use the tech in order that's it's cool to See folks truly you recognize not simply Faking it yeah yeah I'm not saying that But however you recognize it's good to see it um Uh so so simply to make clear Peg so Pegasus Is the model beneath Amino for the

App is that proper yeah okay so Um simply to verify I bought it Pegasus is Going to be rebranded to Amino transfer the Website I confirmed okay it's not dwell but That's why I put an amino transfer and the Reason it was Pegasus is as a result of I Really felt strongly I didn't need to be A transfer to earn so I wished to indicate that Like a transfer to earned may simply be one Of the apps within the ecosystem so it was Pegasus by Amino however then as soon as I noticed the Numbers and so what we may do with the Move flip I knew it needed to be Amino transfer For fluidity in order that's it's dwell proper Now as Pegasus anybody can go Pegasus by Amino within the App Store however positive that Will be immuno transfer now what does it Mean our Merchants as a result of you recognize I'm Obviously naturally skeptical after I see Microsoft Nike Walmart and so forth on the Same web page Um so so what does that imply precisely Yeah nice nice query um I truly Take lots of delight in the way in which that we Did this in the event you have a look at a Lolly or Arachuten lots of them lots of these Cashback packages truly use the Rakuten Network in order that they're splitting Their commissions with Rakuten and it's Like plug and play and also you simply get a Lot of the shops we've got a crew who's Done this earlier than and we truly went Merchant by Merchant and bought approval From their affiliate crew so in the event you have been

Doing your due diligence and also you reached Out to Nike and and talked with Their affiliate companions crew and mentioned Have you heard of amino they'd say Yeah we're we're a part of the amino Rewards program so we've got a direct Contact contact at these retailers we're Still attempting to get approval for extra But Um yeah we're principally assigned a rep And they hold updated on our numbers And we're going to attempt to negotiate Better offers and additional cash again as as we Grow this program okay no that makes Sense and I typically actually just like the Concept Um and also you talked about and I believe these Having these Brands Associated is Obviously very sturdy you talked about some Kind of Loi with it with aloe Um clearly they're a really trending Fashion model Um now what what's going to that entail Yeah so it's a verbal Loi for now we Expect to obtain it this week Um however Um we've we've got a superb relationship With them I assume like what are you Going to do with them yeah yeah so um The thought with aloe so aloe has an app Called aloe strikes which does exercises Yoga courses and proper now in the event you're to Use that it's a really like One-dimensional the place and there's no

Social options there's no actually There's nothing actually to have interaction you More and Um the the blokes operating which might be agency Believers that they want to gamify And Um they need to first take a look at with a a extra Simple model by means of our app and as I Kind of talked about we're gonna have a Page for how you can earn extra rewards by Engaging with Partners so that you'll go to That tab it'll say join allo Moves earn a thousand Amo for instance Complete a exercise class you are able to do this Once a day earn one other 200 ammo Um in order that they need to acquire that knowledge and Start with with that Um it'll can be a full partnership Where they'd be tweeting us and Stuff like Walmart and Nike should not Going to Tweet us as Merchants I imply There's not going to be a giant Announcement that these guys are Entering internet 3 with Amino regardless that They are official Partnerships aloe Would be like a elevated partnership Where we're inventive issues to Do Um after which the shut is secondary we're More centered on the amino on the aloe Moves and the exercise stuff and dealing Together there to truly assist them Boost their exercise and get extra Subscribers however we love the garments too

I put on it on a regular basis so we might love To companion with them as our official Merch companion and do money again provides And particular offers Um uh Andrew let me ask you I imply you Even talked about at the start there's Been apps like this possibly not the way in which You structured it however I bear in mind you Know years in the past there was one referred to as Limpo that was getting common and proper Now I believe it's that Steppin was Popular just a few years in the past I don't hear Much folks speak about them anymore like In describe I do know uh you recognize you might have Been describing however like uh describe at A excessive stage why you suppose Amino will likely be Different than what has come earlier than Um I believe it has so much to do with the Way we're approaching it to start with I Have the posh particularly the crypto Ones Um I've seen all of them of their professionals and Cons and I've watched why lots of them Have failed and it was lots of the Things I discussed at the start with The unsustainable fashions giving out too Much rewards not making repping within the Right approach I imply promoting nfts to your User base and utilizing that cash to pay Rewards is isn't a enterprise mannequin in my Opinion so lots of it's round that But the precise perks of this system and The tradition round it and sort of are Ethos and what what we're attempting to

Portray Um and the manufacturers that we're aligning With and the sports activities groups I imply it's Just the entire bundle of getting you Into earn making it enjoyable distinctive options Unique choices after which Um placing provides that you just truly need I imply we've labored actually arduous to get The retailers we wish Um working intently with them to to Actually put cool provides and the sports activities Experiences so it actually all matches Together in a pleasant approach and um and also you Know your Amino transfer app you mentioned it was Live each uh Apple and Android proper Yeah yeah and also you you have already got 600 000 signups on there yeah most of that Organic too like in the event you in the event you go on YouTube and simply kind in amino Rewards Or Pegasus by Amino you'll see lots of Organic Um lots of pages who wish to share like I consider what folks have a look at it form Of like an within the sense that They need to earn the token and farm it And basically earlier than it goes dwell Because they suppose it's an fascinating Project and this this might be a superb One so lots of guys truly go dwell Sorry we've been dwell for simply over Three months at the start of the Year so on that aspect on that aspect stroll Me by means of a consumer's expertise the place Does the token are available precisely simply to

Kind of dumb it down yeah Um so that is one thing that I believe is Much a aggressive benefit over the Other ones particularly as a result of we're we Have these enormous Partnerships with the Sports groups that Um these lots of these persons are not Web 3 oriented so the movement is you discover Out about Amino you obtain the app so For now it's solely Amino transfer however there Will be Amino shock which you may simply Sign up for straight after which we'll Cross market so we'll attempt to push you to Amino transfer to only earn extra tokens to Put in the direction of your your procuring Essentially Um or your redemptions and we make it Very simple you don't want a crypto pockets No nfts identical to some other app so that you Sign up you join your step counter You begin strolling incomes tokens which Are just about the identical as factors till You put them on the blockchain so that you Every Amino depend comes with its personal Off-chain pockets the place you're accruing These okay tokens after which you'll be able to Redeem proper within the catalog with out ever Putting them on chain with out ever Paying fuel for one of many objects or Experiences we additionally plan to have the Amino debit card sooner or later which we Already have offers lined as much as make that Happen the place you may truly spend Your Amo wherever the place a Visa might be

Spent however in the event you're a crypto Enthusiast If you need to maintain these tokens in the event you Want to swap them to both on an Exchange or BNB Um you'll be able to simply hit the withdraw to my Metamask or belief pockets we'll sort of Look into align with trustwallet and Recommend them however Um yeah so in the event you in the event you aren't an online User you by no means even must know that This is is crypto actually on that aspect With the token roughly with out getting Too far into the weeds is it an Inflationary token deflationary is our Static variety of tokens what's sort of The mannequin there it's a static variety of Tokens there's no minting operate I Have budgeted rewards for a buffer of a Few years simply to make sure that we are able to Deliver the roadmap as a result of I'm not going to take a seat right here and inform you That it's an ideal mannequin I don't suppose There's such factor I believe that there's Going to be lots of trial and error to Figure out precisely one of the simplest ways like how It's going to work with shopping for again Tokens from our Revenue to maintain like If we've got to try this automated and it's Happening within the minutes or if we're Doing it like on the finish of the month I Mean I believe that there's there's going To be some a little bit of trial and error to Get it good however I do know that our our Model is a hell of so much higher than

What we've seen earlier than as a result of we're Literally making the income and have it At our disposal to purchase again to maintain Yeah and on the very last thing on the token Um so the customers do issues to generate Tokens after which they'll spend them in These shops basically right Um on a minnow store with the retailers Like in the event you have been gonna go store at Walmart or Nike yeah it truly simply Takes you to their web site and we monitor Your digital thumbprint and then you definately Come again to the amino app after you've Checked out and you've got your tokens Waiting for you there gotcha gotcha in Our catalog that's the place you'll be able to Actually simply redeem your ammo and we Will have some some particular objects from Those retailers there like Um Cool Tech objects and and that's what The sports activities experiences are however bought it so The debit card makes it attainable to buy And try at these retailers that's What I used to be questioning yeah the place the Value comes from so the worth you're Buying issues on the retailers then you definately Get worth again within the amino token however Then if you wish to then spend addition Kind of like a circle if you wish to Then spend the amino tokens you'll be able to Because you might have the debit card so it's A full circle of capacity to make use of the Tokens after which get extra tokens right But the way in which I I sort of have a look at it

Um like once you earn factors in your Credit card you simply sort of put that Towards your invoice or if in case you have like Air miles or one thing factor and also you're Earning Five Points you place it in the direction of Your flight and also you pay the steadiness so That's the way in which I see it's we've got Really cool objects within the catalog Regardless of amino store and we truly Get a very whole lot on these Exclusive to Amino members and also you're Earning tokens on Amino transfer possibly you Make just a few purchases so that you've accrued a Balance and then you definately put that in the direction of Your merchandise so you'll be able to nonetheless pay the Difference with one other crypto or PayPal Or bank card will evolve all of the Payment choices but it surely simply places it Towards your your buy okay clear Um let me ask you I imply it's fairly Impressive that that you just guys already Have a three-year take care of the Washington commanders with the NFL in General uh I noticed I imply in your promo Deck you even had an MBA on there uh I'm An even bigger I'm a giant basketball fan so is That is that within the works is that like You need to Target each main sports activities League It is Um we we want to scale by means of the Sports groups as a result of we're within the NFL Exam for instance every Forks crew has on Average 2 million followers and like actual

Fans so Um it's simply a good way to scale Provides lots of credibility clearly You simply talked about it I imply what number of Crypto tasks particularly ones that Haven't launched do you see releasing Real Partnerships the place they're they're Actually centered on enrolling members And offering worth each methods it is rather Expensive clearly to companion with These groups I want to give attention to the NFL to start out Um So we've got the 49ers able to go and That Deal's all laid out we're we're Gonna signal it within the subsequent month we we Think Um in all probability go go dwell with that one After launch of the token and actually Start however uh extra data on that to comply with With the NBA the NBA is so much simpler to Work with within the NFL they're a bit extra Open to crypto I imply I used to be watching the Laker recreation final night time there's the signal all over the place I do know they Don't have a token however MBA is fairly Easy we've been in in fairly deep talks With the Phoenix Suns truly our rep From the commanders went to the Suns so That's a straightforward one for us Um and when you're accredited and like I Mean additionally I discussed that we began as I modified the title from Bitcoin To Amino as a result of I wished it extra

General Tech as a substitute of coin Um I believe that we are able to place it in Many alternative ways relying on the place We're promoting what we're attempting to Achieve with that partnership or Promotion so Let me ask you properly I believe the MBA is More Pro as a result of you might have the Arena uh sadly you had the FTX Arena which needed to be renamed once more Um however um you recognize one other challenge That's within the area is Chili's proper so Chile can also be partnered up with lots of NFL groups I believe NBA groups uh I believe They do issues in another way as a result of in For soccer or AKA soccer in uh in in Europe you recognize they have been truly doing Like fan tokens or League tokens for Each crew however then within the US due to All the scrutiny with safety tokens I Think they're simply doing like Rewards Program I believe it's much like what You're doing proper can you'll be able to you Explain like are you in are you guys Doing the identical factor as they're or Doing issues in another way Uh I don't see us as competing in any respect Except for that they're the one different One that actually involves thoughts Advertising with the U.S sports activities groups in The approach in the way in which we're uh soccer is Something we plan to increase to however Um I wanna lots of our focus is on North America I believe that in the event you attempt to

Conquer the entire world immediately we're Going to fall on our Um you'll be able to nonetheless purchase the token and use Amino transfer globally however I actually simply Want to give attention to onboarding the followers and Then we'll increase when the time is correct Chili's yeah you nailed it they're fan Tokens uh we truly know them fairly Well we we truly acquired a suggestion to Be incubated by Chili's and launch on Chili's chain the one which they simply Released Um we didn't find yourself going for it however um I like what they're doing from a Professional standpoint fan tokens is Something that I by no means plan to enter Um personally it's it's not for me I Mean I see the worth in it and why folks Would need them and to have interaction on on the Teams that they like however we're actually Focused on just like the health and and simply Working with the model so it's it's Totally completely different Um Yeah there's no actually procuring there Theirs is all about fan engagement and Maybe the little a challenge like Amino I'm positive they'll have some transfer to earns On their chain however I don't suppose it'll Be something all encompassing like this With the relationships we've got with the Brands and the complete full bundle Awesome superior Brian uh we're coming

Close to time any uh any ultimate questions I believe uh I believe I bought a superb image Of it um I believe I'm good on questions Okay uh let me simply ask another Um Andrew you sort of briefly touched Upon how Um a few of these different tasks Um you recognize they resorted to promoting too Much I imply principally too inflationary And one of many the issues that you just guys Don't want to fret about is you elevate Some funding already how a lot I'm simply Curious how a lot did you guys elevate so Far So our our spherical goes to be 4 Million {dollars} Um on the fairness aspect and I truly did This in a fairly fascinating approach so I I Recognize like there's an enormous Opportunity right here I do know it's going to Take lots of funding Um I'm not grasping I don't want to carry As a lot of the corporate as attainable I Want this to work Um I imply I'm 29 years previous I do know that This can actually Um be a tremendous tech firm not only a Crypto challenge and I'm simply a lot enjoyable To work on and arrange issues perpetually so Um I've truly diluted myself closely And the remainder of the crew has as properly to Raise this funding and we're sharing The crew token Supply which is vested Very long run no no tokens and will likely be

Released to any crew members for an extended Time and we've offered this Vision to the Investors in order that they're they personal the tech With us if this firm ever have been to Sell or IPO and any occasions the Equity holder would sharing that however We've diluted the crew token Supply to Share with the long-term buyers by The approach final one which um how massive is the Team And the crew is about 5 on the on the Court crew after which we've got two Development groups truly working in Parallel one for amino shot and one for Amino transfer that additionally does the web site And the catalog the amino store uh one among My co-founders named Bruce silkoff is a Pioneer in loyalty he's carried out this for Over 30 years he's run packages for a Lot of the most important manufacturers and like Harris uh Hera's he's carried out Marriott's Program lots of the large banks in Canada Were utilizing his white label software program he Has all these relationships and he was Actually our first and joined As a co-founder so Um actually leveraging his expertise right here And I employed his complete crew from his previous Company superior uh thanks for approaching Andrew explaining Amino rewards for Everyone uh that is the portion of the Show the place we are saying goodbye to you and Then me and Brian to liberate whether or not we Fomo or go on Amino Rewards

Okay thanks for approaching respect it Thanks guys take care thanks see ya All proper Very cool Um I'll go first Um Man uh I imply Andrew to start with I like I like him uh he's very sharp clearly He had uh he had a superb reply uh for that we requested I believe uh he Definitely is aware of his challenge out and in Um I favored his his Visual and however what's More what's extra spectacular is uh how he He's capable of to get that NFL NFL Partnership it appears to be like like you recognize he Mentioned concerning the second crew however however Also uh the truth that he talked about like Three months they launched their Amino Move solely three months they acquired 600 000 signups that's like 200 000 per Month That's that's fairly darn good that's Pretty darned yeah yeah for positive no yeah And I believe I wrote an article about This only in the near past on on Rolling Stone Or cointelegraph I believe and um I'm I'm A giant proponent of loyalty packages I Think it's a fantastic use for blockchain Tech so I believe there's been lots of Companies have tried one thing like this Um not the precise mixture they've But principally loyalty packages on Blockchain it's not essentially The idea itself isn't revolutionary

But what's distinctive about that is all The Partnerships they've and after I Ask them about all these you recognize and Again I'm naturally skeptical after I see All these these Brands but it surely sounds Like it's it's legit Um with all these Brands in order that's That's the key sauce you gotta have You bought to have these Partnerships with Those Brands Um retailers Merchants to to make use of to make use of It proper so with out that it's Essentially ineffective so the truth that he Has that I discovered the very fact we have been Talking about with the NFL and these Sports groups that's sort of what units This one aside of different form of loyalty Programs in order that's sort of what caught My consideration right here sort of as properly yeah I Think it was uh once you requested them About all these Brands Um I by no means knew that uh rackington had Their Network properly I knew racketon did But I didn't know that you may simply Kind of like license it or lease it from Them however how they went individually to All these names Um I believe that's sensible and I believe he Mentioned due to that there might be Different kind of rewards uh versus what You can discover on uh rackington proper Agreed agreed yeah and that's at all times the Thing it's such as you see different tasks Where yeah we're working with you recognize

Amazon and apple and Nike after which they Ask and Nike and like he's like who're These guys however this one feels like they They truly would go that take a look at proper Which is a giant factor and it's a Legitimate partnership so Um Yeah I imply it's it's spectacular that Number of uh you recognize Partners on this And that's what it takes for loyalty Programs to work it's important to have that Critical mass of you recognize retailers and Retailers to make use of this advert or there's no There's no loyalty uh there's no factors Because there's no loyalty to those to These packages so it's important to have that But I do suppose it's a Um I believe conceptually that is an Exceptional use case of blockchain Um and I believe this might exchange I Think my thesis is that over the following Five or ten years you recognize it's not Impossible that almost all loyalty packages Will notice that blockchain Tech is Going to be superior to only having a Regular internet 2 account Um as a result of they've this frustration This downside and friction that they've All these folks that basically have You know they owe one thing to proper Um however with tokens it sort of adjustments The complete recreation and so they can they'll Kind of get that off their sheets off Their steadiness sheets so to talk uh

Using the tokens um it's a bit simpler to Transact with and to make use of these Um so I do suppose it's far superior to That typical loyalty mannequin yeah we see That already like Starbucks you recognize They're doing that yeah polygon so yeah Brands I imply finally they'll determine Out that is only a higher approach of doing Things Um so for you is that this full extra go I I'm gonna fomo um yeah I believe once more It's the it's the use case within the truth That they've the the Partnerships with These Brands I believe these are the That's the 2 that's the key sauce Here I believe you recognize to not discredit Them however anybody can sort of go together with this Concept however you want these Partnerships So that's distinctive right here that they Were capable of Biz dab into Network their Way to those these Brands and that's Potentially what it's going to set it Apart so yeah I'll foam on this Uh I believe I I'll too I imply you recognize I used to be very Well I used to be as a result of uh as a result of Because I discussed a few of these Projects which have come earlier than and so they They simply sort of died off proper it did Like Sport health rewards yeah you recognize It's been tried however uh I believe Andrew You know hit all the suitable factors in Terms of adoption uh working with these Retailers these Partnerships I imply they

Seem like they're the true deal so I'm Going to say fomo as properly Nice all proper properly first one all proper First one now I believe first double fomo Yes I believe so I believe so uh that's cool Yeah Um in order that concludes this present thanks For watching guys be sure you smash The like subscribe the channel keep Tuned for the following episode of filmora Pass take care goodbye bye