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I'll offer you a enjoyable query man let's Say we're within the center now of it's it's In the center now of 2023 you understand a occurs you're able to take Out a place in addition to what are Five altcoins that you'd take a look at to Take out positions in throughout a crash Good query okay Um nicely I'm not going to say ethereum Because I feel that may be that may Be sort of apparent however um so what would My subsequent 5 be I feel I feel atom Definitely I'd be I'd be very fast to Jump on that I feel it's a tremendous Project I like Cosmos I like the you I like of Interoperability I feel the challenge is There's there's some actually cool tech There there's a terrific staff behind it and Also I have to say a extremely good Community Behind Cosmos as nicely So I will surely look to select up Some atom begin it immediately Because there are some and you understand There's some wonderful Returns on on Staking atom in the meanwhile clearly a Few form of tokenomic considerations to uh to To keep in mind with it however um I have to Say I used to be actually impressed uh was it About two or three weeks in the past I feel the Uh the group took a vote on Cosmos 2.0 didn't it and um they really they Actually as I recall they sort of turned It down uh which was a little bit of a shock

To me however I feel that was a extremely Positive signal for me as a result of it confirmed Just how engaged the cosmos Community is And I feel that may consequence within the Coming up with a you understand with a greater Proposal for the challenge consequently so Um atom is is unquestionably one uh that I Would look to select up I can see myself As nicely uh choosing up some algo too Um I feel is a extremely Interesting potential play a for the Next I feel we may see a Lot of actually cool actually attention-grabbing Really profitable tasks uh developed In its you understand throughout that Time I feel it has a very good a very good shot As one in all these non-evm chains as nicely I Think that positions its actually actually Well and yeah they're simply once there Seems to be a number of a sort Of robust Community behind algo too so Uh that may be that may be one other One Um what else would I choose up I feel I'd Well I feel I'd actually go for our Weave now I I'm realizing that that is But coincidentally they're all starting With a right here that's that's in time I simply I'm simply beginning on the prime of the Alphabet Um no our weave is a challenge I I actually Really like I feel it's obtained a tremendous Use case uh once more wonderful Tech and staff Um so a number of these uh

Match up for me So um yeah our weave I feel is Definitely one which I'd go for too Uh what could be so what number of have I stated Is that three so three Three okay Um I feel as nicely Um I stated I will surely be Interested in taking a look at extra tasks In the cosmos ecosystem as a result of once more I Think there's actually uh there's there's Really cool stuff taking place in that in That complete you understand in that complete Project Um so I imply these could be these would Be very very speculative Um so I'd in all probability be taking a look at issues Like osmosis and Juno and issues like That I feel these are cool tasks They've obtained a number of growth Happening good um you understand uh good Potential uh in that sector and you understand I'm a giant Cosmos fan as I stated so I'd Certainly be wanting you understand taking a look at Those tasks perhaps not snapping them Up simply but however we'll see Um and I assume another could be nicely a Again uh Ave uh as a result of I feel Um I feel because it begins right this moment Because it begins with two A's yeah you Know that's that that's double good Um I feel uh no I feel d5's uh time is Is Gonna Come Again I feel D5 goes To be a giant Narrative of the following bull

Market Ave is a rather well established Project Um it's obtained you understand once more the Fundamentals are in place there and I Think it's one in all these ones that's Definitely you understand going to stay Around undoubtedly going to be one of many Survivors of this Um and I've sort of resisted getting Into RV earlier than so I feel this is able to be You know if we if we actually if we Crash farther from right here then I feel That could be my time to to select that up Too I'm with you with algo with uh Adam I I Wondered about as a result of cardano Big group on YouTube maybe as a result of is streaming so typically What do you consider cardano I like Cardona I I form of have this bizarre factor with Cardano it's like someday I've I'm Really actually bullish on it and the following Day I sort of begin questioning it and All that form of stuff and I assume that Comes consequently partly of that of that Community as a result of yeah you're completely Right the cardano group is one in all The one of many greatest one essentially the most Active one of the supportive Um and Charles is that this actually sort of Inspirational determine Um yeah I feel I I I'd undoubtedly Look to select up so I offered out of ADA

Recently Um to carry in steady however I feel yeah Definitely be undoubtedly be uh Considering going again into it as nicely Again this there's attention-grabbing stuff Happening I'm I used to be a bit of bit Disappointed to see that you understand I Don't suppose there's been an enormous quantity Of cooperation between tasks on Cardano I feel you understand it's nonetheless and I nonetheless preserve listening to these things about it So the way it's fairly a troublesome ecosystem To construct in Um however that stated you understand I feel there Are actually cool tasks constructing there And that Community is is appears to be you Know sufficient to maintain it by means of it's Through robust instances a minimum of so yeah I Would undoubtedly be contemplating Ada as Well and clearly as a result of it begins With a so it's a no brainer Next query sort of private be at liberty To you don't must reply in the event you don't Want to however proper now in addition to Bitcoin And eth what's your subsequent greatest holding To watch the complete dialog there's a Down Below within the video description And in the event you're inquisitive about studying More about click on Subscribe proper now we drop a video Every single day you don't want to overlook One see you tomorrow