Tusa Announces New Scuba Diving Masks and Fin for 2022

Tusa has announced their new scuba diving products for 2022. Check out the details below.

Tusa Zensee Scuba Mask
Tusa Zensee Pro Scuba Mask
Tusa Travel Right Scuba Fin


The Zensee is Tusa's first frameless scuba diving mask. The lightweight design offers a low internal volume and a panoramic field of view. The skirt is outfitted with a special fitting ring that allows it to mold to a variety of face shapes and sizes. The low-friction skirt surface has a rounded edge, making for a comfortable and effective seal. Low-profile buckles are silent and easy to use when making adjustments to the three-dimensional mask strap.


The Zensee Pro shares the basic design and innovative features of the standard Zensee mask, but is outfitted with a CrystalView optical lens for superior clarity, color and light transmission. The high-end lens features an anti-reflective lens treatment and a UV 420 lens treatment. The inside of the lens has a durable, long-lasting anti-fog film to prevent mask fogging.


As the name implies, the Travel Right is a lightweight, compact fin that packs plenty of kick, but is small enough to be stowed in a carry-on bag. The fin can be worn barefoot and features a special rounded foot pocket to ensure a soft, comfortable fit while doing so. An elastic bungee strap holds the fin securely in place without needing to be adjusted. It uses an anatomic heel pad for increased comfort and stability, especially against bare feet. The fin is available in 6 sizes from XXS to XL

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