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Tesla may be down 69 from its all-time High however that's not stopping From including new options to you Can now search and submit totally different charts For main shares and cash on fairly helpful characteristic I believe is sensible proper Twitter is the Conversation place the place all issues fin twit as they are saying so why not Add a bit bit extra performance into The platform and you'll make Fun of your folks in dwell time as all Their shares and crypto cash go into The Dustbin Zach throw it over to you For your tackle the story it was a pleasant Intro will thanks for doing that I did Some crack through the break There's not plenty of cash in right here People this can be a stonk factor this can be a Stonk factor solely the one cash that I Could discover have been and I Couldn't discover chip I couldn't discover xrp I Couldn't discover Ada and I couldn't discover what the hell I assumed Elon Musk liked these going I can't discover Doge On I assumed this man was Calling all of the photographs and there's no Those ticker supported so for now it's BTC and eth and I'm disenchanted Disappointed Jen what do you bought Well I it's supposed to point out crypto and costs proper and I used to be studying an Article by TechCrunch this morning and They identified that there's no Airbnb

And zoom and so I additionally did some analysis And there are a bunch of shares which are Not on there so what's on right here and likewise The chart is static so is the information Getting pulled from I really feel like this Maybe is like V1 possibly it's V1 possibly It's going to get higher I hope it does Get higher for the sake of skinny twit however I simply need to say I assumed Elon wasn't Going to be the CEO anymore I do we Weren't we stated we weren't going to speak About the drama however I need to discuss The drama when is Elon stepping down as CEO the have spoken possibly this Would be higher if if he simply would make That change I don't know will what do You suppose I'm sort of impressed with you guys Desires for extra inventory info on Twitter I imply okay from the proctoral Instrument itself we now have info so It's to go to that it says it's dwell From Trading view so coaching view is a Pretty common utility for simply Looking at inventory info I believe They're simply pulling that information over and I suppose it's not utterly useful Right now and why properly most likely as a result of Tradingview doesn't need the whole lot to Be on Twitter they need you to come back over To their utility so I doubt they Have the whole lot on the they're not Going to have your scorching canine they're Not essentially have Ada but they're not

Going to have even plenty of these crypto but however hopefully sooner or later They do and I guess Doge and sheba are on There subsequent week we'll put a guess on that I guess subsequent week we now have some extra for The Elon stuff he says he's searching for A CEO okay you'll be able to't simply decide one Overnight Jen proper so if if he left and Departed what would occur that San Francisco Penthouse with all of the Twitter Engineers ripping their asses off we Don't know okay so he's acquired he's acquired to Stay on prime of them after which we are able to get A brand new CEO Zach over to you'll is Spitting bars as we speak man will you Lately yeah you'll be able to truly view some Of these items on Robin Hood so possibly Like a pleasant little Robin Hood happening right here like I'm going I'm wanting on the East web page proper now And it says view on Robinhood and I can Go see it on Robin Hood so fascinating Interesting little integration there With the net 2 individuals good to see that Happening Um that is wait does the garden have a Hood hood curiosity is there one thing Going on there or no that was FTX that Was Sam proper Had a hood curiosity yeah I don't suppose I Haven't heard something okay properly I don't Know what the Robin Hood Twitter tie up Is however that's fascinating fascinating That uh they're sending enterprise that

Way anyway I acquired nothing extra on this One I'm ready until Doge Ada all that Stuff is on there scorching canine coin how dare You insult scorching canine coin sir will scorching canine Coin I'm a buddy of the recent canine corn Kids man okay I really feel like you'll be able to't be a fan of the Hot canine coin Community in case you're Gluten-free Twitter info now dwell if you're Going to kind into okay yeah There's know-how on the market