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Let's go to D5 all people's speaking about D5 within the wake of all these C5 collapses D5 perhaps it stands to profit from some Of the misdeeds that uh some centralized corporations have been caught doing That all type of is undergirded by the of which is type of a Boring lengthy phrase however whenever you actually Look into it that is what these these Human coordination mechanisms often called Dao's are actually all about proper how do You collectivize motion on-line how do You make it in order that stakeholders can Express themselves in methods which might be in Accordance with perhaps their funding In the challenge proper so uniswalk which Is an enormous defy alternate is seeking to Make Dow governance a bit easier Right they're attempting to make the method Of voting on protocol modifications a bit a Bit much less friction full and I believe we've Seen to point that voter engagement and Participation in a few of these votes has Been fairly low a few of these Obstacles I'm simply ask this for to Jen For her ideas apparent Obviously Big Time D5 D5 flag bearer Interesting to see that they're attempting To uh make the governance Process a bit simpler with just a few uh much less Burdensome steps alongside the way what's Your Takeaway on this one about uniswap Yeah I don't assume that there's a dow Out there that has discovered

Governance but I believe once we get into The subsequent full bull cycle we're going to See a number of totally different instruments which might be Being developed now come to to life that Are going to assist make the governance Process slightly bit simpler however I believe What they're doing is wise in order that they're Removing the primary off-chain snapshot Vote beforehand they'd two they usually're Saying that is the consumer expertise is Kind of bizarre right here so the very first thing That they're going to permit the Community to do is touch upon the Proposal after which change this to simply One vote after which I believe the second Thing that's going to occur on this Governance change is that they're going To make the necessities to go a Proposal I believe 10 million uni it Was beforehand 5 in order that's going to Be extra consultant of the group I believe that is good I believe it's one in the correct path once we look At Dows there are such a lot of points however the First factor {that a} dow wants is a Community and also you want that group to Be engaged I believe that a number of the Dows on the have figured that out and So now we're shifting on to governance how Can we incentivize communities to Actually take part in these proposals To really run these organizations Because proper now they're very a lot Like hierarchical organizations and

Typical corporations the place there's like a Handful of people who find themselves making Decisions so I believe these are two steps In the correct in the correct path however We can anticipate to see a number of modifications With governance Um I believe over the subsequent few years effectively What do you assume Yeah I simply need to Echo what you stated And add some context to the entire story As effectively Dows are actually messy they usually Are not mounted but even essentially the and most well-known doubt was a Catastrophe itself and in some ways it's Only on barely higher slightly bit Less of lack of funds however undoubtedly Like some extra points on the governance Sides to be discovered for uniswap as One of the most important ecosystems on the market Lots of people use the unit swap loads Of folks plug into the weird platform So it's Dows essentially essential Like how do you need to govern this very Large decentralized alternate if folks Have turned to the uni token which Allows you to solid votes on behalf of Any code modifications you need to UNI however That hasn't fairly been sufficient and the First construction for uniswap for Dao was Pretty dangerous a number of critiques towards a Lot of critiques towards the unisoft Labs group for a way they constructed it towards Paradigm for being effectively for any type of VC holder who had like an allocation of

Uni mainly folks thought it was Unfair the way it's designed uniswap Foundation got here in earlier this yr With the purpose of fixing a number of these Things and this appears to be one of many First steps alongside that street to repair how The Dow for uniswap hopefully this Is one thing that does tackle the Problems as a result of these issues are Necessarily laborious to determine within the First place not to mention Implement a change Toward however this one does look fairly Promising proper the to vote off Chain after which later make some choices On chain utilizing uni it appears to be that It seems like slightly bit extra honest Allocations when it comes to voting as a result of The financial weighting right here does actually Matter loads proper so in case you have an enormous Person with a number of uni token they will Just sway a vote nevertheless they need and All of a sudden they get to profit from It the typical uncommon voter doesn't Have loads uni however nonetheless utilizing the Platform effectively we prefer to assume that they Have a capability to decide for The use of group that advantages Others and that's not at all times the case It's laborious to make these items however That appears to be a step in the correct Direction precisely I'll put it boot it Back over to you yeah I believe that was Sort of that larger image proper kind Of uh making Dows uh not was it

Plutocracy was that the place like The wealthy uh have uh outsized like sway On what occurs Um the flip facet of that Is that like you gotta you Gotta be civil resistant too proper you Can't simply be one one that's spinning Up a ton of accounts uh pseudonymously And casting votes to the System in that means proper so there's Definitely all these trade-offs I believe When it comes down to creating positive that You know the voice of the folks is Represented precisely Um crypto loves pores and skin within the recreation as kind Of a a framework for understanding who Gets to vote on the way forward for these so discover a means for me To like make like pores and skin within the recreation work With one thing that's extra egalitarian Egalitarian in nature so it's not simply Giant bag holders who're dictating how These issues work and who who stands to Benefit with any specific protocol Changes I believe that's like a extremely Important factor that's going to be Hopefully unfolding uh over the subsequent few Years within the D5 area as Um the people who find themselves right here to Stay uh can hopefully high quality tune it such That when folks are available to make use of it say a Few years from now these people who find themselves New to those methods may also have the Ability to take part in what needs to be

A extra user-owned web proper that's The complete thought behind consumer owned one thing that uh I believe loads Of folks have been championing over These previous few years however anyway we'll See this can be a step in the correct within the Right path a small step however perhaps Some of those larger modifications may also Come quickly