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A contentious uniswap vote is drumming Up a debate over merely how decentralized The alternate truly is on the center of The concern is a VC company Andreessen Horowitz which invested in uniswap and Earned a big Trove of the Project's Unique tokens belongings that double As votes and the alternate is Decentralized autonomous group Joining us to debate is lab's Founder Robert leschner Robert so Minutes up to now voting ended on the proposal To deploy enoswap V3 on the BNB chain Using the Wormhole Bridge a16z used 15 Million uni tokens to vote in opposition to the Proposal But lastly you voted in Favor of it and your vote amongst others Juan so your response Yeah correctly I really feel it's a vital Victory for the uniswap neighborhood and Protocol Um you perceive I firmly think about that the that uniswap is Deployed on the upper Um I'm you perceive pretty agnostic to Change there's an entire lot of you perceive bias Within the crypto Community Largely over which chains you perceive Something should be deployed on there's Quite lots of tribalism uh nonetheless I firmly Believe that the additional the upper and the Controversy you perceive that began on Vote acquired right here all the way right down to a fairly easy choice Of a vendor

To current cross-chain broadcasting Services to transmit governance votes Um this is not to bridge belongings to Binance chain there's already Bridges to Binance chain of belongings nonetheless that's Actually to bridge governance decisions That shall be made on ethereum to the BNB Uh deployment of unit Swap and that's Where there began an entire lot of controversy Um you perceive starting with a snapshot Vote over which service provider to utilize That led to this turning into what should Not have been a contentious vote turning It proper right into a you perceive very you perceive extraordinarily Debated of a Yeah correctly a16z is the voting Entity on uniswap and a16z Representatives say the company's votes Were solid in opposition to the proposal on account of Of points about wormholes security and Along with a16z you're a Investor So why vote Yes on the Wormhole Bridge Uh layer zero being a competitor Wormhole and likewise A potential consideration as a Alternative Well to start out with I attempt to not let my You personal buy us you Know what I really feel Um I've to vote for uniswap or any Protocol Um you perceive all of my votes in uniswap Are delegated from completely different neighborhood

Members and so I try and you perceive take away Any personal preferences I've Um conducting these votes I really feel That's you perceive Um robust nonetheless I try and be as Objective as potential so that you perceive Pushing aside the reality that I'm a layer Zero investor and picture that tech There is extraordinarily sturdy I really feel this Is you perceive important from a timing Perspective so uniswap's V3 license is Expiring shortly and each the uniswap Community goes to have a canonical And official deployment on binance or The license expires and anybody can Create a fork if you happen to perceive swap V3 on Binance chain now that's a forcing Mechanism in my ideas and I really feel it's You know one in all many main Arguments For voting certain is that any delays inside the Process of releasing uniswap V3 on chain will solely jeopardize you Know to utilize what communities presence There and so that you perceive I really feel in all probability essentially the most Important issue is tempo now that being Said I actually assume that security Concerns of any Bridge provider are Actually a lot much less impactful than they may Be in numerous circumstances and the reason is Because they're not bridging belongings the Only issue they're bridging are Governance Um communiques from ethereum and uniswap Is well-known for being governance light

There's just about actually little or no that Governors can do furthermore direct the Treasury Um of uni tokens on ethereum or set the Fee parameters of uniswap governance Can't modify the code base governance Can't take the particular person's belongings governance Can't like intervene with the operation Amino swap on finance chain so no matter What grid provider chosen even in a Worst case scenario the worst case is a Lot a lot much less unhealthy than people may in another case Suspect people have heard about you perceive Wormhole getting hacked or layer zero Having you perceive a security you perceive Vulnerability these points don't matter In the context of uniswap V3 on binance Chain as quite a bit as they may within the occasion that that they had been Actually bridging belongings Um for purchasers so in my ideas it was a Clear you perceive trade-off which is the Speed and significance of deploying Uniswap versus you perceive having a Slightly Superior bridging know-how So if the if it wasn't for that April First deadline would you've got gotten a if let's Say we're I don't know 1st or December for irrespective of it is would you Have nonetheless voted the best way wherein you in all probability did or do You assume you may you've got gotten alongside With a16c and and Isn't that mainly you're Essentially it would not matter what you're trying To vote your pursuits proper right here correct in

Your opinion getting it on the BNB chain Getting all of the issues executed as quick as Possible is in your curiosity versus you Know merely the oh correctly I you perceive I've An funding on this completely different uh uh bridge That you perceive seems to be larger Well technically it's actually in opposition to My private curiosity is the best way wherein I voted and That's on account of I'm trying to vote um Specifically just for the neighborhood Members that delegated uni tokens to me Um even when it's at my very personal personal Expense so that you perceive that that's the First issue I've to say uh the second Thing is that the calculus of you perceive How the votes would change if the License was expiring ultimately Um it's arduous to predict I really feel it's Possible that you just perceive I might need you ever Know voted otherwise if there was Another 5 months to deploy this nonetheless Every delay Um in getting uniswap deployed is Jeopardizing the promoting and advertising and marketing place All correct and one different concern I'd say That is on the coronary coronary heart of this uh is you Know as aforementioned that a16z they Have an infinite stash of these uni tokens uh Based on a tweet from a16z head of Engineering they private on the very least 55 million Uni in all counting the tokens it has Delegated and and a16z marketing consultant Recently suggested that it's Agreements with delegates theoretically

Allowed the company to reclaim its Delegated tokens should it's so choose And so I assume the precedence proper right here was you Know merely how quite a bit do you assume A16z has Yeah correctly I really feel they've very Diligently made the choice to seed somewhat quite a bit Of their power by delegating their Tokens to Um pupil groups and completely different members of The neighborhood and also you perceive I don't see Them you perceive going once more on that choice I really feel you perceive they're trying to Further the actual decentralization of Uniswap by taking that movement and I Honestly assume that in the long run Having further stakeholders capable of Voting is of their curiosity and so Even though they technically have the Power to revoke these delegations I Don't assume there's any situation in Which they will till any particular person you perceive Behaves with malfeasance or one factor Terrible which I don't assume is the case So you perceive regardless that they could have The power to differ their delegations Um you perceive there's most likely not a Scenario by which they will on account of that Would actually be in opposition to their very personal Interest S the long term is stepping once more proper right here And and provided that they they voted the Way they didn't they didn't succeed uh Do you assume that that this strengthens

The the case for you in a swap do you Think that this reveals it as being uh Decentralized or on the very least that irrespective of Big you perceive 800 pound gorilla is Hanging spherical there uh it seems to be Uh ready to uh take a nap if you happen to'll And and let it develop do you assume that This is a an constructive uh for a Uniswap I really feel it's internet constructive for Two causes one I really feel the appropriate choice One and I really feel after we see uniswap Deployed to finance chain with wormholes The bridge selection I really feel it's going To perform phenomenally and so I really feel The applicable dedication was made for the Community Second I really feel these contentious votes Show that there are actual variations Of opinion all through the neighborhood and likewise you Know they're not on a regular basis going to have and I really feel it's healthful for There to be debate if points merely get Rubber stamped or steamrolled then you definitely undoubtedly Know it's inside the uh counter curiosity of The neighborhood and so that you perceive I wish to See circumstances the place points you perceive are Contentious the place they don't get rubber Stamped and when there's actual Pushback on account of it makes the whole System stronger Yeah all correct correctly we'll end it there Thank you a large number for changing into a member of us Robert Appreciate your insights uh we should always at all times Note that merely as a16z though it does

Not disclose the entire measurement of a crew Subholdings neither do completely different occasions There or a lot much less that was compound Labs Founder Robert Lesner