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Where Have All The Swimming Ponds Gone?

I remember when I was young growing up, all of the kids would go over to my fiends house and we would go swimming in his pond. Yes the water was dark and muddy, yes the mud squeezed up between our toes, but there wasn't anything more fun to a bunch of ten year old boys than going swimming in a pond.

Swimming Lessons – Why Should You Learn Swimming?

Swimming isn't just a sport. It's a life skill that everyone must know. Drowning could be easy or difficult, it depends on you.

Swimming – Exercise And Sport For The Entire Family

I had a dilemma. As a parent and working mom I could not seem to find time for exercise and taking care of myself. I decided to join a gym with a year round pool.

10 Reasons You Need Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons can provide independence, can improve confidence and provide a fun hobby as well as meaning that you can safely enjoy all sorts of other water activities from sailing to scuba diving. Being able to swim can also help to save a life, and can help you become fitter and healthier. There are many reasons why you and your family should consider swimming lessons if you can't already swim.

Thanks, But No Thanks!

After weeks of training, intense instruction in resuscitation techniques, and strict dietary disciplines, the dreaded day finally arrived-the final test for Red Cross Senior Lifeguard certification.

Fun And Games For Your Swimming Pool

Some games that you can play in your pool. Naturally, safety must come first: common sense should be used whenever using a swimming pool or playing swimming pool games. No fighting, no pushing, no pulling hair, no dunking, no decapitating, you get the general idea – play nice.

Swimming Pool Safety

It is easy to forget that the swimming pool is potentially extremely dangerous – even deadly. In the U.S., more than 300 children at or under the age of five die every year in swimming pool related accidents; another 2000 children are admitted to the hospital annually due to non-fatal accidents. Remember, a child can drown in only a few inches of water.

Swimming – What Makes a Great Coach

Coaching in sport is becoming more and more difficult as we move into the 21st Century. While this article focuses on the swimming coach, the lessons learnt can be adapted to coaching in all sports. So what are the attributes of a great coach?

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs Compel Baby Boomers to Make Water Immersion Therapy a Way of Life

Soaking in a hot tub is a great way to relieve stress, relax, and connect with family and friends under the stars and in the comfort and tranquility of your own backyard. But did you know that soaking in a hot tub also offers documented health benefits?

Competitive Swimming – How To Get Started (From a Parents Perspective)

As a parent, I always want to challenge my daughter to stretch and grow beyond what she thinks her limits might be. Competitive swimming is one vehicle that has and will continue to accomplish this goal. To anyone who is new to this sport, things can be somewhat confusing every step of the way. An easy to understand road map that will make the journey a rewarding and an enjoyable one can be a huge help.

Pool Party in the Summer for the Whole Family

With summers getting warmer each year and global warming suspected to steadily make matters worse, you may find a pool party as an increasingly more attractive idea. Think about it even if you did have a party indoors the air conditioning bills would soar and what if the A/C breaks outright? That water would start to look more and more appealing.

Why Swim?

Swimming is the way through which humans can stay afloat on water. It became a part of the Olympics in Athens in the summer of 1896. But why do we do it?

Swimming – From Learn to Swim to a World Champion

While every child in the world should learn to swim, many children go on to join young squads and become involved in competitive swimming. It is at this time that they start dreaming of representing their country at the Olympics or World Championships. While it is healthy to let our kids dream, how high do we let them set their goals before we (parents) get involved and bring them back to reality. Or is it any of our business?

Children's Swimwear Priorities – Choosing Children's Swimwear

The children's swimwear industry has developed a great deal in the past few decades, so the stores now offer a great variety of swimsuits and all sorts of accessories for them. This is undoubtedly a good aspect, but sometimes you admit feeling a bit confused and not knowing how to choose the best one for your child.

Keep Your Child From Becoming Another Swimming Pool Drowning Victim

Swimming pools can be dangerous areas for small children. Discover important tips that can help keep your children safe.

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