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Bitcoin and crypto worth motion Detected Bitcoin and crypto worth motion Detected Hey hey what's up guys bing bing bing my Name is nice btc coming to you reside and It's monday and that's one other time To have a look at the Markets So You're welcome you realize the foundations of the Livestream is to destroy the like button And destroy the subscribe button for those who Haven't Just a little little bit of a narrative Um i used to be enjoying soccer yesterday i Went to play soccer i believe i shared This on twitter With mm crypto and a few different Guys in dubai and that i ended up raking My Um my uncle so mainly my uncle is Wrecked i'm in extreme ache however after all For you guys i'm capable of present up so i'm Just grateful for that that i used to be in a position To are available right here whatever the ache I made an announcement on twitter proper Now that we're going reside so for those who're Just becoming a member of us instagram Facebook i'd advocate that you simply soar Off over to youtube as a result of that's the place The juicy stuff Is being mentioned as we communicate for those who Like my outfit for immediately for the reside

Stream destroy the like button And depart a remark Alrighty guys so what are we discussing Today on primary we've got a few Things that we've got to cowl Uh from final week the marriage The ethereum proof of labor the luna Situation as nicely and all of us we additionally Going to cowl the crash Of uh ethereum as a result of quite a lot of you might be Like oh You know ethereum merge occurred however now The worth is crashing why does it even Make sense i instructed you guys about that We're gonna look into what's inflicting That and the sport idea of all of it and How you possibly can play it to your personal Advantage Another factor we're taking a look at right here is The luna traditional Luna traditional i imply you already know What occurred with that one uh immediately is Climbing is up 21 and so many individuals are Dming me now like oh nice so what's the Deal uh i assumed luna was over now however Now look it's climbing i'm like calm down I'll inform you precisely what the sport Plan for that one is as nicely so welcome Welcome all people uh on primary right here On the duty that we wish to speak about We're additionally going to look into Bitcoin There are solely two million bitcoins left In the system

19 million bitcoins mined and now They're in circulation bear in mind bitcoin Only has 21 million cash Forever And now we solely have two million cash Out there so we've got to or two million Left now we've got to ask ourselves what Does this imply for bitcoin and what's The proper factor to do for you proper now There can also be large information on Incredible you're gonna love this one And additionally some carano vessel improve information Coming up stick round and we're going To look into that so earlier than we speak About something why don't we go Ahead uh and even look into Um Last week's state of affairs however first Free cash it's time for some freedom so There are a few free moneys going Around and that i'm at all times comfortable to share With you guys has zero charges happening proper now If and on finance spot Zero charges if you're buying and selling on binance So it is sensible for those who're gonna do Some spa trades you're gonna do it on Binance as nicely uh there's an airdrop Coming up additionally on by bit you possibly can earn Free cash on that one mainly all you Need to do is to stake your bit token The large dial token minimal 100 100 tokens of bit will you about 50 Bucks with that fifty

You're going to get an airdrop of a brand new Coin that's launching on by bit as we Speak so i'll present you guys uh there's Also zero charges on by bit when it comes To spot buying and selling the place's that piece of News yeah that is the announcement proper Here This is the announcement by the lunch Pool stake to earn a share of 4 million Rkg tokens it is a new venture referred to as Or kinga so that you don't have to take a position Anything aside from Sign up and purchase construct with my hyperlink in The description beneath Deposit like 50 bucks in btc in usdt Whatever then purchase bit token after which Stake it Right after which you'll obtain your Free cash mainly unimaginable that's All you might want to do And one other certainly one of free cash can also be The thriller containers on all kx they're Still happening i want i may join my Phone to the pc however all my ports Are used to indicate you the way the The thriller containers work mainly they're So cool you you've gotten you obtain a field You open it and it has cash inside all You must do join with my hyperlink in The description beneath And make a minimal deposit of 10 Minimum on okay x you obtain a thriller Box and you'll open it So that's it at no cost cash if extra of

Them pops up i'll allow you to guys know Throughout the livestream preserve the Comments coming in If you're having fun with the reside stream preserve The feedback coming in Uh okay jacob says hey grey gman and Other professors from crypto college Thank you for what you've finished to us you Have given me a lot yo Thank you a lot man i respect it Wisdom says are previous accounts eligible For a okg sure they're Uh i respect you guys for becoming a member of us Destroy the like button all people let's Go to the moon collectively All proper transferring on transferring on to the Most essential piece of stories so final Week occurred We noticed ethereum the place is ethereum right here We mainly noticed ethereum The ethereum emerge some individuals would possibly Call it ethereum merge now's a coin And what ended up taking place is that After the launch of if Proof of stake ethereum has been Declining in worth and lots of people Are asking questions however there additionally been A narrative about Uh there have been a narrative in regards to the What do you name it the brand new ethereum Airdrop tokens the eth energy or the ew Tokens I instructed you guys for those who claimed the

Tokens final week promote them it was they Were presently buying and selling at 26 Now they're all the way down to 4 {dollars} there's More to that one there's a commerce on the End of this video be sure to watch to The finish i'll inform you precisely what the Play is as nicely for that one so if Ethereum has been on the decline uh even This is Deceiting all of the expectations that almost all People have been fascinated about you possibly can see The backside band right here has been damaged Down we're standing at 1 312 And it looks like we're gonna go Downhill from right here up till 1140 ranges very very probably so for those who Want to be sensible about it you possibly can put Some purchase orders someplace round this Range But ethereum i imply this was a Historical second for ethereum it was a Successful launch or a profitable exhausting Fork Now we're within the ethereum proof of Stake error congratulations to all my Eath holders and you'll nonetheless stake Your 32 ethereum and turn out to be And run your personal node on ethereum it's Absolutely stunning i don't see why you Can do it and when you have been doing it Before you don't should do something Everything has already been Automatically transferred into the Ethereum proof of stake system along with your

Other Masternodes that you simply're operating on Ethereum All proper and the opposite state of affairs has Been luna traditional Luna traditional we'll get again to the if w Token once more if you wish to study extra About that Uh luna c Usd okay Um lots of people have been asking me About this one uh and in addition luna saying Oh however you say this coin is useless however Look at immediately it's pumping look The information doesn't change i'll go to the For hour over right here This once more i'm gonna repeat that is now A extremely manipulated token the explanation Why it's rising when Everything else together with bitcoin is Crashing Is in order that they will confuse the minds of The common jaw out there make them Think that it is a good coin and in addition It's a advertising and marketing scheme Basically one other simpler option to Cryptocurrency is if you pump it when Everything else goes down you pump The coin in order that if you're taking a look at The warmth map like right here It turns into the one coin that's trying Green after which uh it would get some Attention some individuals are going to and so forth and so forth so that you

Have to watch out there's quite a lot of Manipulation within the crypto market lunar Classic is just not returning however clearly You can commerce it in fact the neatest Thing to do is definitely brief it once more But like we did final week and we made so Much cash however it's a must to watch out When you if you're shorting a rip-off or A manipulated coin it's a must to be Careful as a result of something with us can Happen Okay Uh let's look Back once more to the lunar state of affairs so Yeah don't confuse your self with luna Classic or luna new proper luna 2 Whatever you name it it's not coming Back it is a useless coin however for those who're a Trader after all commerce all of it you possibly can um For the on the 4 hour Nitro spool has been bearish on it since This candle right here on the ninth of september Only now that we're seeing one other Yellow candle happening the upside would possibly Be manipulated up once more the reason being Simple you possibly can see there's a good degree Of resistance right here Right so i believe it's enjoying round With this the worst case state of affairs would possibly Attach the 0.000245 Uh areas the place you would add an Accumulation Order on it however nothing loopy round it

Uh and with luna 2 as nicely Okay luna usdt Okay luna you possibly can see i instructed you guys Even although it went as excessive because it went The different day um the place was that It went as excessive as virtually seven {dollars} Again i instructed you brief this and be Patient and you'll see that this commerce Is now has been a hit for us we made So a lot cash and The manipulation continues you see proper Now it has flattened out slightly bit And they're attempting to pump it once more so That they will get extra individuals excited But nitrous pool has inexperienced line right here Indicating to you that that is uh an Area of accumulation so it does make Sense why the lunar group Is doing What it's doing all proper um i'll Answer to all of your questions on the reside Stream don't worry however for now simply Bear with me i would like to finish all of the Notes that i've Moving over now's to bitcoin so bitcoin This is an easy one i'll go to Coin gecko Moving over to bitcoin Um although issues are trying a Little bit shady and the costs of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies taking place You can actually see it over right here that The complete provide of bitcoin is 21 Million cash you possibly can see it right here on the

Same time the circulating provide has Always been at 18.9 Million tokens for a very long time now look At it we're now standing at 19. Tokens already And when do ought to we ex what does this Mean to start with proper It signifies that after this 19 million Number hits 21 million It signifies that there'll now not be New bitcoins being minted into the Supply system What do it's a must to do about that it Only means one factor the availability of Bitcoin is reaching an finish women and Gentlemen If you're not going to take this And make it your duty to Invest extra in bitcoin and huddle that's Your personal drawback Because the maths is totally easy Right right here so how lengthy is it going to Take for us to get from uh 19 million to 21 million Almost 100 years why as a result of the availability Of bitcoin just about occurs each Four years roughly or 210 000 blocks So that may have an effect on the availability decrease and Lower and decrease till Uh it turns into a really tiny quantity and to Get to the 21 million it would take a Long time nevertheless the worth of every coin Keeps on growing because the mining price Per bitcoin additionally will increase

So that's how the worth of bitcoin is Being decided presently truly the Price of mining one bitcoin is roughly Around 17k Right That's why it's so exhausting for bitcoin to Go down beneath wait now however this additionally Could change at any time so the neatest Thing you are able to do accumulate as a lot Bitcoin as attainable there isn't a coin in This market That has this type of quite simple however Very deep and superior to If anyone tells you totally different simply present Them this we're now at 19 out of 21 Million tokens Be sensible purchase extra bitcoin accumulate Accumulate and huddle don't be Short-sighted So that's just about it um the following Thing that i wished to speak about as Well Was uh is said to the litecoin Halving so litecoin additionally has its personal Halving identical to bitcoin it occurs Every 4 years from 2011 i consider Because the primary one i bear in mind it was 2015 Then the second was in 2019. so in 2023 there needs to be one other litecoin Having and i've a chart right here that Pretty a lot very nicely exemplifies uh What occurs with the Uh with the halving of litecoin right here we

Go So you possibly can test it out that is the Green line right here that you simply're seeing is a Pre-halving markets worth motion Before the halving occurs there's Usually a rally of the coin worth going Extremely up And then after the halving it Goes down And right here is one other pattern a pre-harvey Movement in inexperienced It pumped after which after the halving Happened it went down you possibly can see in 2016 we have been sideways after which in 2017 Pre-halving so 2017-2018 have been very Bullish years for litecoin and it went Extremely extraordinarily bullish till the Halving occurred it then began Crashing down once more so this psycho is Kind of repetitive and you'll type of Guess it the sport idea is identical Whenever there's an occasion associated to Every cryptocurrency there's at all times Speculation that pushes the worth up at The similar time now for those who go and search for Uh have a look at litecoins chart If you have a look at the litecoins chart proper Here you possibly can see that it has additionally been Completely demancipated Um it is a month-to-month chart it's Completely flattened out on its Extremely assist ranges across the 51 worth ranges proper and the on the Moment the halving information begins getting

Real it is possible for you to to see uh a strike Up on the worth of litecoin so Personally i'm shopping for quite a lot of litecoin Because of what's happening you possibly can double your cash on this hundred Dollars for litecoin is nothing we have been There just some months in the past And i believe when the information begin looming We'll see this degree of quantity being Accumulated so do one thing about it you Cannot count on loopy beneficial properties from litecoin Uh it's a excessive cup coin however you possibly can Definitely double your cash simply or More or much more for those who use leverage on This sort of a commerce All proper one other coin that i wished to Cover along with your man is clearly Before i inform you the commerce that i'm Personally trying into So cardano let's go to eda Usdt Uh the vessel exhausting fork has been Confirmed and charles himself went out And mentioned yo September 22 Date is locked For cardano vessel And if you wish to speculate on it you Can as nicely as a result of the eda speak in Itself hasn't actually moved a lot Even associated to the information so i'm Personally Carefully observing the motion of eda Because additionally there could possibly be hypothesis

For the improve there Was it this one right here i don't assume so i Think very near it we begin to see Even although we're shut sufficient i don't Understand why there isn't a motion September twenty second is in three days so perhaps It is likely to be a wiser factor to do to only Start speculating on ada proper now if You wish to purchase the deep proper now And you're like oh which coin ought to i Speculate on it is a good one merely Because the basics are in your Side there's a large occasion about to Happen fact you need to use that to Your personal benefit Uh and speculate on it there's a pair Of upgrades you guys ought to in all probability Just learn the article But uh cadance vessel improve is prepared For takeoff it's been initiated says Hoskinson All proper let me have a look at the feedback And then i'll share with you guys a Trade that i've been eyeing myself that I believe goes to Might be a great one or it has been good Already and also you would possibly simply take it to Your personal benefit Uh Haruk says your grace stream each six Hours bro i'm streaming heavy as of late I'm again in japan Why am i saying in japan i'm again in Dubai

I've time now to only sit down commerce And make movies so i'm loving it Uh that is reefer says matlab from Liverpool from limpopoi look i wished to Read liverpool once more The remedy that i'm i'm having now For my um For my Uncle i believe are affecting my considering Abilities so it's a must to forgive me All proper so uh let's carry on trying Into this Somebody requested a query uh can i purchase Fifty {dollars} of beat will i get the Airdrop and not using a deposit sure you possibly can Get your airdrop with out deposit all you Need to do although is to stake these Uh bits you've gotten they should be in your pockets or in your um funding Savings pockets on by that's all You must do So it's a must to be sure to have 100 Tokens of bits stack them and you must Be good All proper Make positive you try this after which you possibly can Get the free okg token quite a lot of you guys I inform you about free cash you join But you don't make a deposit or do What's essential to do to assert the free Tokens and then you definately wish to blame me for It Right so there's like there's one Thousand 5 hundred {dollars} bonus on

The new signal ups on purchase bits you're Signing up you you deposit a minimal of Ten {dollars} And you make a commerce you truly get 100 Dollars freed from A protracted or brief place which for those who're Looking for a place to tackle Not monetary recommendation however that is what I'm doing personally so i instructed you guys About the ethereum p or w that is the if Proof of labor speaking as a result of there have Been a tough fork So this coin launched All proper let's go to This over right here Um if W If w Usdt Okay you possibly can commerce this on okay x there's A put together to swap you possibly can lengthy or brief It I'll shift this to the one hour You may also do it on by bit as much as you So this coin launched after which it has Been decimating massively proper because it Launched round nicely on by bit it was Even 26 so let's discover the um If W Usd Usdt Where is purchase bit right here oh right here we go

No i need the ethw my man not eat usdt Not eth usd Okay perhaps we must always name it eth pow Okay no it's nonetheless if Okay i can't discover the the uh the by bit Chart right here for some cause it's bizarre But What occurred was that it launched at Around 26 All proper Ethereum okay let's attempt the bitfenix one Because yeah there we go bitfenix is Always quicker Uh okay i'll change this to a 4 hour Here we go so Oh it even began at 60 {dollars} on This is loopy bro it began at 60 bucks On beat phoenix so you possibly can think about if it Launched and also you shorted you bought You bought brief Look at how a lot cash you would have Made now it's at 5 {dollars} so for those who Don't know the best way to commerce People who don't know the best way to commerce uh go Like oh So what do i do i've the tokens now I'm like bro you simply should brief it Or promote you would have simply acquired Your tokens and took a brief place Why would you're taking a brief place is Where the commerce is now from the place it Happened Which is final week up up to now 92 % this coin is down

This was simple cash and that i instructed you guys Receive the cash promote them and in addition you Can brief for those who wished to uh on by bit The coin was launched already now there Is one other Point of notes that i made let me simply Find it right here So my good friend avram and that i Met a commerce on this And this was mainly the state of affairs Where is that Okay so This was the report ethereum uh Proof of labor faces is straightforward Jump Has 2 million tokens grayscale has 3 Million tokens Binance hasn't distributed to its customers Yet and has 5 million tokens That 10 million ethw or 50 million Uh {dollars} at present worth level that's Still to be unlocked and largely dumped No cause to purchase till everyone seems to be down Is finished dumping so proper now you've gotten Seen that if energy is pumping um 29 in One day it's displaying you that is pure Manipulation Why wouldn't it pump When the entire thing that's taking place in The market is that when individuals obtain This token they're dumping it they're Literally promoting there isn't a level to Keep it So binance customers who've ethereum on

Binance haven't bought their if w tokens Because they haven't acquired it but uh customers additionally haven't acquired Their token but most individuals who use Um ledger nano pockets are nonetheless scared Until issues are secure they usually'll additionally Have to assert the tokens and promote so the Pressure of this coin is just one approach Selling stress So the technique to make on right here is Actually to brief it nonetheless you brief it And you wait till binance has launched Their model as a result of if binance will Ease them all people on finance goes To dump them additionally to get slightly little bit of Money after which after you could go on A protracted place Once everybody else is bought you possibly can go on A protracted place as a commerce however i don't Recommend anybody to carry this coin as an Investment uh ethereum on the proof of Work has failed and it's gone it's not Going to alter something It's not going to occur All proper in order that's just about all my News for immediately guys I simply wished to return in right here and share Some Uh ta and a few trades and have some enjoyable With you guys And uh boiti says i'd like to have The nitrous boo indicator no drawback sir If you wish to get the pure spool Indicator

Uh what he's speaking about is that this Indicator right here that provides you indicators For boo and bear for buying and selling if you would like To have this in your buying and selling chart It's easy you go to crypto college Dot community proper now after the reside Stream And you go to indicators and on Indicators we've got a number of indicators You should purchase from But uh you should purchase the bundle of all of Them or you should purchase one which you want I largely use the um the nitrous boo And the ema buying and selling indicator and once I'm doing like uh fast trades i take advantage of a Visual help indicator so it simply Depends on what you wish to however you you Might as nicely simply purchase the complete Package then your buying and selling life shall be Simplified or if you would like the pure Spool and it's on it's additionally obtainable Here on crypto college god rattling it i Love my new setup with the inexperienced on the Back Uh on instagram clearly you can not see How attractive it's But yo however after all you possibly can see how Sexy i'm that's for positive however for those who Went to youtube you possibly can see how the brand new Setup is it doesn't devour a lot Space on On the display screen as a result of there's no Background for those who're alive then you definately'll Set up destroy the like button guys

All proper Whoa Okay guys are there any questions Anything i can assist you with Otherwise i'm signing off John says japan yeah not not but in Japan i'm in dubai proper now Uh thanks for the 50 Gift on saturday man peace to you i'm Glad that you simply received it I'm simply right here to assist out Um Your cap is from what tradition oh that's An excellent query Uh i purchased this cover when i used to be in um however when i don't actually know What the tradition is strictly i'm not Really into tradition like that Um however i discover it very divisive however it's From nigeria that i can inform you I additionally purchased some um Some hats from from dubai some arab hats Here So i would put on these in my subsequent reside Stream You guys find it irresistible What do you consider vogtino i don't Really know a lot about it Does the nitrous boo have an alert sure Sir it has i can present you the best way to set it Up proper now If you need the pure spool to provide You an alert when one thing occurs so Let's say on luna

Let's do one thing on luna fast right here Uh Luna Usdt All proper so let's say you see proper now Luna is bearish on the nitrous bow on For hour and also you wish to know when it Goes Green blue for purchasing all you do is you Right click on And you say Add alert Over right here And then you definately change the circumstances you See right here on the highest it says situation You you take away the luna usdt and you place The Cu optimus prime nitrous boo you choose It And you say you realize the file on app not The 5 through e mail it's a must to be certain that You have the app in your cellphone additionally if You wish to And then you definately name this alert a reputation you Say shopping for sign Buy Or you say lengthy Luna And then you choose the net hook or is Over right here Uh you don't have nicely you don't should Worry in regards to the net hook actually Um after which you can even test it to Send you an e mail and ship you

Another pop-up in your browser And whether or not it ought to occur solely as soon as Or after as soon as per backload so i want To use as soon as put together shut why It's as a result of I am i able to can contemplate the second candle After the sign itself as affirmation Which is at all times what i like to recommend And as soon as per bar shut however you can even Change it to as soon as bar as soon as per minute or Whatever and then you definately say create And if i'm going to my alerts i needs to be Able to see that alert down below and Then every time the sign is prepared for those who Got my alerts you see it you see lengthy Luna is true right here Whenever the circumstances are made i'll Get a notification and that i simply are available And do my job you can even automate this To occur robotically utilizing a bot we Have a course at crypto college that Teaches you the best way to program your personal bots Without any coding abilities in any respect Never say i didn't inform you Peace and like to all people uh having fun with The crypto market do you assume the Bottom is in grey no i don't assume so uh I do assume although it's shut due to The present worth per Bitcoin in terms of mining is Relatively near the place we're proper Now Okay nicely bitcoin go down uh to 17 000 Absolutely it would nevertheless it's not a

Bad time to start out shopping for proper now Because the Um the whales are shopping for large now you Know microstrategy is attempting to make Another purchase order Uh and quite a lot of the massive corporations are Trying to return in and purchase And on and on and on and on so uh jenna Says hi there chief please scale back the worth Of the nitrous boo i wish to purchase Okay i can inform you Uh it's a must to simply Use nice btc as a reduction code you Will obtain a ten low cost Great btc g-r-e-y btc What do you consider bft large 5 Twerking brother uh what's the present Support for dao yeah i haven't talked About reduce down for a very long time however i Might have to only make one other reside Stream particularly for that one however for Now we at the moment are half-hour in on this Live stream And it's now about Uh 5 00 p.m in my time zone right here so i'm Gonna go and watch crypto and uh our Podcast and chill as a result of it's about to Go reside as nicely all proper thanks guys For watching love and respect each Single certainly one of you i'll see you on the Next livestream for positive Destroy the like button Of course peace