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Avoiding Pool Accidents

An afternoon by the pool provides great opportunities for some fun in the sun. Pool activities can be relaxing, exciting, and a great way to interact and catch up with friends and family. However, it is important to recognize that pools can be highly dangerous and risky places to take advantage of.

Swimming – An Easy, Social Exercise

If you hate exercising, join the club. Or, more to the point, don't join the club.

Benefits of Swimming Ring Games

Most of us love to swim. It can be great fun, especially when you play games in the water. One of my favorite games is ring collection. The idea is for someone to toss several sinking dive rings into the bottom of the pool and then for two or more people to try to beat each other at the game.

Swimming Against Ocean Tides

If you love to swim and happen to live near or vacation at a beach, you know what fun going to the ocean can be. It's fun to walk along the shore and collect shells or dig in the sand. It's great to feel the tide move the sand under your feet, too.

Ocean Swimming Tips

The ocean can be a great place to swim. It's fun to play on the shoreline and even venture out into the waves. There are some ocean swimming tips that you really need to know if you want to be safe, though.

Swimming Lessons Can Be Lifesaving

There are people who “know how to swim” and those that actually know how to swim. People who think that they know how to swim may know just enough to get themselves into trouble. After all, there's a difference between getting by in the water and really knowing what you're doing. That's why swimming lessons are so important.

Swimming – Simple Movement For the Elderly

If you're getting older, you may have noticed that not everything works like it used to. If you have a bad hip or a bad knee, for instance, it can be a good excuse to sit still, right? After all, why not just relax and watch TV all day?

Discover How to Achieve a Smooth and Sexy Freestyle Technique

This article reviews how I achieved success in improving my freestyle technique in swimming after I bought and used the “Mastering Freestyle Technique” program. The program is taught and authored by 2 famous Australian swimmers, namely Brenton Ford and Sam Ashby.

Keep in Mind While Swimming

Prescription swim goggles safe guards your eye balls from diseases such as vision infection, cornea blowing up, pink eye, protuberances inside the eye, experiencing pigmented circles around the eye along with other connected diseases which could possibly bring about short-term, distorted or long term blindness. These types of ailments or diseases are often caused simply by excess direct exposure of the eye to swimming pool water.

Lap Swimming Rules

Lap swimming is a great way for runners to cross train and fend off or recover from injuries caused by constantly running on the pavement. It also gives you another indoor option for working out during the winter when you may not want to get outside as often.

Things Kids Should Remember When Playing in Water

At this time, everyone is planning to have their summer getaway. Kids most especially are so much excited to go paddling, splashing and soaking almost whole day into the water. It's sure relaxing to go bathing into the beach, pool and in the lake on a hot day.

Toning Your Upper Body With Swimming

The swimming pool is a great place to exercise and you can do some great, gentle but effective exercises to tone your upper body. This article gives you guidance on how to go about it.

The Best Swimming Pool Games

Swimming pools can be a whole load of fun. This article gives some great games to play in your swimming pool to make your pool party or trip to the local pool enjoyable and fun.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

This article outlines the basic things you need to consider when caring for your swimming pool. Cleaning and managing your pool saves you money but is also essential to keep your pool safe for people to use without getting sick or hurting themselves.

Toning the Stomach – Swimming Exercises to Give You a Trim Tum

Swimming laps using your preferred swimming stroke can help you achieve a toned stomach. Each and every stroke makes use of different muscles in various ways.

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