We Found a Pistol Underwater in the River! (SCUBA DIVING)

Swimming For Cardiovascular Endurance

This article gives you an overview of using swimming to build your cardiovascular endurance. It is an excellent exercise for this purpose.

Swimming to Increase Your Muscular Strength

Just like any other form of exercise, swimming helps increase the endurance and strength of your muscles at the same time. Depending on how fast or how slow you swim, you can simply build-up the strength of your muscles or you can have a good cardiovascular work-out in addition to building muscle strength and endurance. Each time you swim, all the muscles in your body becomes involved.

Bishop's Stortford Swimming Club – It All Started in a River 130 Years Ago!

Bishop's Stortford Swimming Club, formed in 1884, is an amateur swimming club based at the Bishops Stortford College Swimming Pool and hold regular training sessions during the week. Being almost 130 years old, it is rumoured that the club is the longest established swimming club in Hertfordshire.

Staying Safe Poolside

Kids and adults alike look forward to that first warm day of the year when they can finally take a dip in the pool and take some time out for relaxation in the sun. Pools and pool activities are an integral component of summertime. Unfortunately, every year thousands of people suffer injuries and even fatalities from poolside accidents.

Choosing a Swimmable Mermaid Tail – Neoprene Tails

In my first article of this series I wrote about nylon-spandex (swimsuit fabric) mermaid tails. In this article we will look at buying and owning a neoprene tail – made from wetsuit material. First of all, neoprene is very different from swimsuit fabrics.

Choosing a Swimmable Mermaid Tail – Spandex Tails

Ready to buy a mermaid swim tail, but don't know whether to choose a swimsuit fabric tail or a neoprene or silicone rubber tail? This is the first in a series of articles discussing the differences.

Use Life Vests and Preservers For a Safer Water Experience

With summer approaching, our minds turn to water-based fun and activities. Remembering to include safety vests and life preservers, or personal flotation devices (PFD), can help keep fun from turning into tragedy.

Finswimming – The “Formula One” of Swimming

Anyone who was ever witness to a finswimmer sprint 50 meters gets why finswimming is dubbed the Formula One of swimming. The speed is undeniably impressive!

One Weird Old Tip to Get Your Child Swimming

Teaching a very young child to swim can be extremely challenging. Check out this weird old tip to help build water confidence with your child.

Caring For Your Mermaid Swimming Tail – Swimsuit Fabric Tails

Love to mermaid in your mermaid swim tail, but don't know how to care for it? This article gives an easy guide for caring for your swimmable mermaid tail, whether made from spandex, neoprene or silicone-latex.

Swimming – Top 5 Things to Avoid!

Sometimes being told what not to do is far more important than being told what to do. Here are our 5 top tips for what you should not do when swim training.

Children and Swimming Pools – Simple Safety Rules Means Fun and Relaxation

This article gives a brief overview of some areas of safety you should consider if children are going to be around a swimming pool. They can be great fun but also of course there are dangers.

Food, Drinks and Swimming Pools

Once in a while you and your family (even your friends for that matter) schedule a get together for an afternoon fun at the pool. And what get together isn't complete without a couple of food and drinks?

Swimming and Its Benefits

Swimming is one sport that is fun for the fans. Through interaction with thousands of gallons of water, you can get a lot of positive benefits and not only touch the health problems, but also the social sector of your life.

Swimming Pool Chemicals – Outdoor Pool Chlorine

Despite their crystal clean appearance, most swimming pools are hiding a dirty secret. When used by various individuals on a daily basis, bacteria can build up in the water and it can be hazardous to humans.

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