What Will I Find in a Drained Canal? (Possible Murder Weapons)

Save Money With a Good Swimming Pool Pump System

When it comes to swimming pool pumps, it's very important that you consider the whole pump system and not just the pump by itself. So many people fall into the same trap of thinking that bigger is better, no matter what, and this thinking ends up costing people hundreds of dollars each and every month.

You Should Be Doing Exercises For Improved Swimming

Do isometric exercises help improve your ability to swim faster or with more efficiency? You can probably answer yes and no on this, Swimming faster I'm not sure about, but efficiency can benefit and also you can get some good injury prevention from isometric exercises.

Should You Buy an Above Ground Swimming Pool?

If you're like me and have always wanted a swimming pool in your back garden but, either don't have the time or money to maintain one you might think about getting a above ground swimming pool. They are fairly cheap to buy, easy to set-up and don't require no where near as much maintenance as the large in-ground swimming pools.

Breathing For Swimming

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable exercises yet it is a major physical challenge for many people who swim for either pleasure or for fitness. Improved lung power can increase your performance dramatically.

Get Set, Leap – Take a Dive!

Since the beginning of the time, man has always wanted to fly. In today's modern world there are planes, parachutes and all kinds of gadgets that can make that dream a reality, yet to fly without any sort of equipment or technical help, now that is interesting. To feel like a bird for a few moments – to fly and dive into water, is something high divers can do.

Swimming is Great For Everyone

Swimming is a great sport and best of all; it is available to almost everyone, unlike many other sports. Swimming's greatest asset is that it can be enjoyed at any level, so why is this? Why does swimming give us so much enjoyment? What are the benefits to us? This article briefly looks at these questions and hopefully encourages more people to get involved in swimming.

Do Not Get Caught at the Pool Without the Proper Swimming Equipment Or Swim Goggles

Have you every wondered what to bring with you to the pool? Are you unsure of what to put on your swimming equipment checklist? The plain truth is that many avid swimmers may be unclear on something as simple as the best type of swim goggles to wear while in the water.

Total Alkalinity Levels in Swimming Pools

The total alkalinity for swimming pools and spas, is the measure of the ability of the water in these attractions to resist any changes in their pH levels. It is the buffer that is used in relation to the other chemicals when it comes to maintaining proper pool water chemistry. To make it a little more clearer, it is the measure of the amount of the total concentration of the alkaline substances or materials that are present in the pool water.

Many Benefits You Can Get From Swimming

Swimming is one of kinds of sport that is enjoyable for its lover. It is known that you can get many benefits of swimming, not only from the health side, but also social side of your life.

Purchasing a Swimming Pool Pump

There are several reasons why you may want to look into purchasing a new swimming pool pump, but the most compelling reason for most people is the potential savings you can get from a new pump. Many people have operated their pools with either inadequate pump systems or with larger-than-necessary pool pumps, leaving many looking for a new solution.

What Makes Swimming a Great Exercise?

For many people, swimming is an exercise they haven't considered doing yet. Most people seem to be stick with exercises such as jogging and aerobics, and that's fine, but swimming can actually be better than these exercises for several reasons. Here's a few reasons that might entice you to take a dip and swim a few laps next time.

Water Safety in Open Water Swimming

That was one of saddest days I can remember as a kid. Jimmy and Johnny were known to be strong swimmers. That made it ever more unbelievable that they had drowned.

Swimming Tips For Parents – How Should I Start Off Swimming For My Kids?

Swimming lessons for your kids are great to use. When you are getting your kids to start swimming lessons you can get them to learn a useful skill that can be very enjoyable. The ways that you should go about starting off your kids in a swimming program are easy to use.

Swimming Tips For Parents – How to Assist Your Child to Pick Up Swimming

Swimming can be a tough activity for some kids to be able to take part in. However you can work to get your kids to learn swimming. Many things can even be done before your kids get to any swimming lessons.

Infant Aquatics – Baby Swimming Tips

Teaching your infant about swimming can be an enjoyable thing to do between you and your child. However you will need to be sure that your child is safe in the water. Here are some helpful things to do to help protect your child when in the water.

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