What Will I Find Swimming Beneath 30,000 People? (WARNING: Graphic Content)

Easy Weight Loss With Swimming – Why Swimming is a Key Way to Losing Weight

Weight is lost by following a healthy eating plan. Most weight loss diets advocate to just burn up more calories than are consumed. But it is not as simple as that. Scientists have discovered in the last few years that to really lose weight, we have to change our eating habits.

Child Safety Tips For a Community Swimming Pool

Many children like to play in a community swimming pool because there are a lot of new people to play with. However there are still dangers within a community pool that you, as a parent, should watch for.

Swimming Lessons – Don't Be Over Ambitious

No matter what your age is, it is vital you take swimming lessons at some point in life. Taking lessons can provide you with the skills necessary to safely make it in the water. While taking lessons, it is important you go at your own pace and never compare to others.

Swimming Lessons – Be Water Smart

Swimming in the pool and ocean can be a terrific activity to get exercise while having a good time with family and friends. Keep in mind the tips listed in this article to help you stay safe and smart to avoid any kinds of disaster from occurring.

Swimming For Health – Benefits of Swimming Coaching For New Swimmers

Many people say that swimming is one of the best forms of exercises today. Swimming offers a lot of benefits including: helping in weight loss by increasing the body's metabolic rate; strengthening your muscles; improving blood circulation; lowering cholesterol levels; helping in treating physical injuries and various medical conditions; lowering the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases; and working out most of the major muscle groups simultaneously.

Body Position in Freestyle – The 3 Steps to Achieving Correct Body Position in Freestyle

Want to get the right body position in freestyle swimming? Body position is vitally important to a smooth and effortless swim stroke. It's a key ingredient for swimmer who wants to take their speed and times to the next level. A greater improvement in overall swimming will come from correcting body position more than increasing fitness.

What is the Most Common Swimming Style?

I was reading about the freestyle event on Wikipedia trying to understand the history of the event and a little history on the swimming stroke that is used in this event. The freestyle stroke as I have mistakenly called it all my life goes by other names.

How to Do Flip Turns When Swimming

Flip turns are one of those swimming techniques that set advanced swimmers apart from the amateurs. In addition to saving you time and maintaining a relatively constant degree of effort as you change directions in the pool, they just look incredibly cool as well.

How to Become a Good Swimmer

Swimming is one of those things that you are generally okay at, or really terrible at. If you fall in the category of people who can barely float let along glide smoothly through the water with minimal splashing, being an accomplished swimmer can feel like a goal that you have no chance of realizing. It's important to remember that swimming is something that everybody has to learn. Like many things, it's easier to pick up with you are younger and more bulletproof than your adult body.

History of the Freestyle Stroke

The freestyle swimming stroke was thought to have originated in Australia which is partially true. The stroke used to be called the “Australian Crawl” because competitive swimmers from Australia were winning events with this stroke.

Her First Swimming Lesson

I recently took my daughter for her first swimming lesson. This article recaps what infant swimming lessons are about and encourages all parents to get their babies into the pool, as early as they can.

The Simple Trick to Swimming Faster

For your propulsive movements to be effective in swimming they must be performed SLOW to FAST. Unlike other sports such as rowing or running, your arms will not be moving at the same speed throughout the stroke.

Keeping Your Children Safe Around the Pool

This article will give you basic pool safety rules for children. Pools can be a very fun, but a dangerous place for kids. Hopefully some of this info helps.

Swimmers Ear Remedy – Homemade Solutions For Water Borne Ear Infection

Are you suffering with a swimmers' ear infection? If so, then you realize just how painful this health condition is. Swimmers ear is a swelling of the external ear canal. One of the signs that you might have this type of issue is that you hear a fuzzy sound after swimming or showering. This sounds can indicate that water is trapped inside the canal. This may also affect the outer section by creating an infection that appears later.

Would You Like to Try Scuba Diving? Some Swimming Lessons Will Be in Order

If you live in or near Boulder, Colorado and have never been scuba diving before, you will need to get some instructions in how scuba diving is done before you head out. For this purpose you will want some swim lessons. Boulder potential divers have many options for swim lessons starting out with beginners classes and possibly working up to become a professional diving instructor.

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