What Will We Find Under Idaho’s Most Popular Cliff Side? (Scuba Diving for Treasure)

The Secrecy Behind Fast Swimming

Swimming is undoubtedly, the best exercise for our body. Most of us do it to relax our body and mind, and also to stay fit. Speed does not matter, but for the professional swimmers it does!

Choosing Swim Lessons For Your Child? What To Look For

Water safety is vital for children of all ages and many parents agree that swim lessons are a necessary part of any childhood. If you're looking for the right swim lessons for your child, make sure to consider these factors.

Go Green With an Energy Efficient Swimming Pool

Do you want a pool, but almost feel guilty when you consider the environment? There is no need to be worried, though: it is possible to have the best of both worlds with an energy efficient swimming pool! There are plenty of reasons why you would want eco-friendly pool chemicals instead of traditional chlorine: playing roulette with skin and eye irritation every time you try to manage your pool's chemical levels is no way to spend your summer. With an energy efficient pool, it's not just about the lower monthly electric cost of running your pool pump; it is about the overall health benefits to you and your family.

Can You Be Water Safe When You Are Drunk or Stoned?

The title explains a lot of my article. We would all agree it's hard to think safety of anykind when drunk but most of us enjoy a cold drink of some kind during the summer. As a nation, there is a price to pay for partying around water.

Recreational Water Activity – Snorkeling

Lovers of the ocean, swimming, and adventure never lack in fun ways to spend their free time after a long week of working, or when on a vacation. Anyone that loves the ocean or water in general can find a place to swim, or simply relax in the cool refreshing water that waits around the globe. There are locations where the water that you come in contact with is cold and other locations, the water is as warm as a nice bath. Water lovers, or water babies, are never lacking in fun, adventure, and exercise.

Four Ways to Increase Use of College Aquatics Facilities

Swimming is a fantastic exercise and can be an integral part of life long wellness. The issue at large: Is your University facing declining participation from the student body in the Aquatics Facility? Promote student involvement with four extracurricular events to enhance the campus experience and showcase student organizations. These games are very fun and easy for anyone to participate in.

Diana Nyad – Her Bucket List Fulfilled

It has been Diana Nyad's passion to swim from Cuba to Florida for quite some time. While many baby boomers(1) were preparing for their retirement, Diana decided not to waste any more time to reach her lifelong goal. At 64, you would think she might prefer to sit back and relish in her years of accomplishments. But Diana didn't believe for one second there was anything to keep her from trying to swim across the ocean again. Without hesitation she put on a swim cap and bathing suit, clamped on a nose-clip, and spent grueling hours strategizing and training.

Tips For A Clean And Well-Maintained Swimming Pool

If you make an investment in a swimming pool then it is vital to look after it. Here are examples of how you can do this.

Water Rescue Safety Lesson: Don't Do It This Way!

I once saved the life of a young man from drowning. I did many things wrong and it almost cost us both our lives. Just want to share in hopes someone will learn.

The Advantages of a Seiko Diver Watch

If you are a diver and want to have a watch that looks sleek and fantastic, you can't beat the advantages that a Seiko diver watch could bring to your wrist. With depth resistance of up to 660 feet on many models, Seiko watches are powered by the movement of your arm.

How You Can Prepare for a Great Day at the Beach

If you have not been to the beach in years, you definitely need a refresher course on beach activities. You don't need to enroll at a first-class school for this course, as the following tips are enough to get you prepared for a wonderful time at the beach.

How to Get Rid of the Algae in Your Swimming Pool

Algae can quickly take over your swimming pool and cloud the water making it difficult if not impossible to see through the water. If and when this happens, it is necessary to kill the algae with chlorine, shock and algae killer. It is also important to balance the pH of the pool to a level between 7.2 and 7.6. Also, you will need to add clarifier that will coagulate the dead algae and make it sink to the bottom of the pool to be vacuumed up.

Picking Out the Perfect Swimming Goggles

Here are some basics you must keep in mind to pick a pair of swimming goggles that combine high performance with high comfort to deliver a fantastic swimming experience to you. We explain models and lenses of classical and new styles. Also find out all the extra features you can find on a pair of swimming goggles!

Experience For Yourself The Joy of Snorkeling

As a pastime, snorkeling is becoming a more popular way for people to spend their free time. Every year, more people than ever before are discovering the joy of taking part in one of the best and most breathtaking hobbies out there. Plus, it is not just adults who are seeing the benefits of snorkeling but children are also enjoying this pastime too.

How to Acid Wash a Swimming Pool

Algae is always attacking the average swimming pool. It can usually be controlled with proper chemical maintenance. If Algae becomes a problem, the pool will have to be drained and washed with a 50/50 mixture of muriatic acid and water. Acid is very dangerous, and proper protective equipment must be worn to ensure safe acid washing. Once the acid wash is finished, use soda ash to neutralize the acid. Use a submersible pump to remove the neutral acid from the pool. Take proper safety precautions when acid washing to minimize all the hazards of working with such a strong acid. Afterwards, the swimming pool will look like new, and with proper care shouldn't have any more algae problems.

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