What Will We Find Underneath a Waterfall? (Scuba Diving)

Learning How to Swim in 5 Steps

The first step is really the establishing one and you need to educate yourself on the benefits of swimming and why you need to learn how to swim. You already know about the health benefits of swimming, and how it burns just as much calories as running with less stress, it is a relaxing environment that can help to ease the mind and it can build a healthy heart and a lean body if done regularly. But the most important thing here is that you need to know the health benefits of swimming and how it can prolong your life.

Crucial Swimming Lessons For Babies

Out of the womb and into the pool – that is the mentality that you should be taking with your infant child. Swimming lessons for babies is one of the most important things in the world and this article will list to you exactly why this is so. When your baby is born, it comes out from a place where it has been submerged for about nine months, and the best time for you to teach them how to swim, or use the swimming pool as a conduit for parent and child bonding, is right after they have been brought into this world.

A Complete Breakdown of the Freestyle Swimming Stroke

Did you know 90% swimmers have one area of their freestyle which if they changed, would make them faster and better swimmers instantly? This article will help you identify your area of weakness.

Swimming is Boring!

We've all been there, after 20 laps in a 50 meter pool things can start to get a bit tedious. Here are 10 things to try to make swimming laps a bit more interesting.

Low Profile and Affordable Swimming Pool Enclosures

These types of pool enclosures have completely changed the whole market within recent years. One of the main reasons for this is that a low profile enclosure combines all of the benefits that come with a larger pool enclosure but for a fraction of the price.

Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming pools can be quite fun to have in your home, but always remember to take those necessary precautions to ascertain that they stay that way. Learning what to do to prevent accidents and actions to be taken when they do happen can literally save your life.

Mental and Physical Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a fitness activity whose benefits are recognized by millions of practitioner all over the world. Exercising in the water, whether it is swimming or water aerobics is an excellent physical training for everybody, teenager and elderly citizens, pregnant women and well fit men, overweight people and people recovering from an injury.

Swimming For Health

Most people start a new year out with resolutions. Losing weight and getting in top physical shape head the list. The memberships at the fitness centers around the world explode with new members trying to get in shape. What a number of people forget or don't think of is swimming. Swimming is an aerobic exercise that not only builds muscle it tones the body. Not only is it good for the muscles, but it's also a cardiovascular work out that strengthens the heart and gets the blood moving through out your body. It is a low impact workout that most everyone can do. Swimming is becoming more popular with all ages of people.

Improving Your Swimming on Land – 2 Land-Based Drills the Swimmer Can Do to Have Power in the Water!

Imagine being able to drastically improve your swimming stroke by training on LAND! If you are a swimmer that is serious about improving your game in the water then you need to implement the following 2 drills on land!

How to Avoid the 4 Biggest Breathing Mistakes in Freestyle Swimming

There are four breathing mistakes freestyle swimmers make. Here is what they are and how to avoid them.

Is Swimming the Best Exercise?

Swimming is widely known to be one of the best exercises one can do, but is it the best? In this article we'll cover the pros and cons of swimming.

Exercise Pools Are Your Best Swimming Exercise Alternative

Specially designed exercise pools are your best alternative to regular and conventional pools if you are seriously considering of including swimming in your daily body fitness program. It is the most convenient and cost effective way of having your swimming as part of your exercise regimen.

Freestyle Swimming – Does Rotation Really Make a Difference?

All coaches are saying how important body rotation is in freestyle, but is it really that crucial for a fast freestyle? Can you really swim a ‘flat' freestyle?

Swimming Lessons For Adults – It's Never Too Late

One of the thing that you have to realise that if you are an adult and if you do not know how to swim, then you are not alone in this world. Be prepared to have your sensibilities smashed by the hammer of truth – there are more than millions of adults all over the world who have no idea how to swim and will almost always take out their religious books when they ask to tract water.

Stretching For Swimmers – 4 Warm-Up Exercises Every Swimmer Must Know

Never get in the pool without doing warm-up stretches. Here are the of the 4 most important stretches you can do for swimming.

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