What winter activities during COVID can you indulge in to stay fit?

While running along the beach and paddling in lakes is acceptable in the summer, it might prove to be trickier in the colder months. It doesn’t help that many public places are still closed due to COVID. But this doesn’t mean that you should lock yourself indoors until it’s warm again outside. 

Bundle up and get ready to beat the winter blues with these winter activities that are pandemic-safe:

1. Go on a leisurely hike

This winter-friendly activity is a no-brainer — it gets your heart pumping and provides you with scenic views you wouldn’t have witnessed from your four walls. Don’t forget to dress appropriately, bring a warm drink, and possibly even take a dog with you if you’re hiking by yourself.   

2. Try snowshoeing

Snowshoeing takes hiking to a whole new level. It’s an aerobic workout that burns calories as your waterproof winter boots help you displace your weight over a large area. You can consider snowshoeing a full-on workout that’s guaranteed to keep you warm even in the most freezing temperatures.  

3. Take out the snow sleds and give them a go

Perhaps the most entertaining thing you can do in the winter is to go sledding with your friends and family. Pick a hill freshly powdered with snow and go all in before it becomes too slippery to ride. If you’re active on social media, you can even record a video and post it for your followers to engage with it authentically.   

4. Dabble into skiing or snowboarding

Never underestimate how much a winter sport like skiing or snowboarding can transform your physique. Besides, it’s a skill that’s fun to practice no matter your age or fitness level. So, treat yourself to a pair of skis or a snowboard and take a few lessons to get the gist of the activity. With the social distancing guidelines in place, it’s allegedly one of the most COVID-safe things to do in the cold winter months.  

5. Test out your local ice skating rink

While jogging when it’s cold outside isn’t tempting, attempting to ice skate at one of the local rinks can be. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy it either — everyone from young to old reports about how invigorating this sport is even if you’re new to it. To avoid crowds, visit during off-peak hours.  

6. Have a shot at ice fishing

There isn’t much cardio involved in ice fishing, but when you do catch a heavy fish with your bait, you’ll need to muster all the strength you have to reel it in. Take a day trip to a frozen pond or a lake or combine staying at a cozy cabin with ice fishing and stargazing. Regardless of what you choose to do, you’re guaranteed to make good memories despite the ongoing pandemic. 

7. Build a snowman with your kids

Depending on how seriously you approach the task, building a snowman — or a couple — can count as a low-impact workout. Get your kids involved and you won’t notice how quickly the time will pass before you’ll have to go back home for a hearty lunch. Remember to bring the carrot for the snowman’s nose and a fun hat to set the mood.  

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