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Welcome again to cryptos Ross I'm We're all George so Bitcoin has been Pretty stagnant So is the most effective time to purchase I get Asked that each single day But you realize what I've one thing Interesting to indicate you guys a brand new chart That signifies that could possibly be the Right time so let's bounce proper into it We'll skip my traditional intro let's get Right into it Bitcoin as you may see is Right round 19 200 we did have somewhat Bump up this previous week and I'll get to Some of the extra Echo financial Stuff that drove Bitcoin greater and Interesting issues happening in Europe Right now however I did discover one thing very Interesting that I wish to present you guys Lead actually by the miners We know that Bitcoin Is getting stronger as exhausting as which will Seem or as exhausting as which will uh yeah identical Right now with worth being down proper But check out the hash The hash price Is climbing climbing and at all-time High issue to mine Bitcoin as an All-time excessive too Right so what does this imply the miners Are not going away the miners which are Supporting the community they proceed to Get greater and stronger and so does Bitcoin's Network proper so the hash price Continues to go up and that led me to

This uh from Quant okay I've Shown you guys lots of backside Indicators lots of reversal indicators A number of fashions that present Bitcoin About to reverse and return up since We've been so stagnant for therefore lengthy however Here's a really fascinating one and this Makes a complete lot of sense you have a look at The hash price of Bitcoin in comparison with the Mining Revenue okay so clearly proper Now with hash price up and issue up Mining income is definitely You know what down proper as a result of the Competition is fierce everybody desires to Get that final Bitcoin however as a result of the Price is down clearly then the the will not be as a lot as earlier than however Regardless they proceed to mine Continue to hash and should you have a look at how That pertains to a backside have a look at what Has occurred earlier than every time this ratio Goes up which mainly signifies that the Miners are getting nearer and nearer to Break even Point normally when that Happens that's normally when Bitcoin Finds a backside and will get again up normally That's the purpose the place individuals have Completely capitulated all of the retail People have left the one individuals left in The house are the long-term holders and The miners And that's normally when issues return Up so you may see again in 2018 2019 That's when Bitcoin fell to a few

Thousand after which identical factor 3 800 again In 2020. we additionally had one other stint proper Around that 10K Mark II and now have a look at Where it's proper hovering proper now We're loads greater than earlier than 19 000. however means means greater than earlier than however Again though we're greater Um we've been right here for some time so This could possibly be a this could possibly be good this Could be good one other indicator that Shows that we might have discovered that backside And Bitcoin is about to reverse and this Is what we would like and what we're ready For particularly since we obtained a pair More weeks till November November December historically very very bullish So we go get that reversal and get some Momentum earlier than the top of the 12 months Well perhaps perhaps Um all proper now I needed to off With that however in fact there's different Things which are which are driving issues Up I discussed a couple of macro stuff proper So let's get to that On Friday Dao went up virtually 800 factors NASDAQ went up proper so U.S market Started arising why now there's this Again this notion that May pivot Or turn into extra dovish proper so even a San Francisco fed Mary Daley Said that hey perhaps it's time to begin Talking about slowing price hikes That's in fact what everyone seems to be Waiting for proper we now have one other fomc

Meeting that's arising the very first First and second of November Wall Street Bitcoin holders everyone seems to be Looking for a dovish Jerome Powell Hoping that the raid hikes will sluggish Down and ultimately cease proper Um and there's a there's a much bigger I Don't know notion that that it might Actually occur so that's the reason Why I feel that you realize the U.S market Is getting extra bullish once more as a result of There's this notion that perhaps the pivot Is across the nook uh the treasury Yields truly dip in order that's additionally Positive when treasure yield dip within the U.S which means there's much less traders Scared of what might occur they usually're Taking cash out of the greenback and They're placing into different issues and That is why the dxy additionally went down Significantly on Friday I didn't discover I feel suppose Friday morning once I was Streaming was like 114 getting near 115. and or 114 and now we're again down To 111. so these are all very constructive Things Okay so once more you're on rally year-end Upward trajectory Could be attainable if effectively it'll Certainly be attainable we get a Fed pivot We get a extra dovish pal And And we'll get that good Santa rally Afterwards proper so let's see it's solely

Two weeks two weeks from now we'll see What Powell does however that's additionally Encouraging Um I did see this for these of you guys In the UK Boris Johnson flies again to Britain to try to Rapid comeback so He was he resigned solely six weeks in the past uh And now he desires to return being prime Minister as soon as once more for I suppose his Second time period Interesting I don't understand how individuals really feel About this uh his the opposite part uh Shanok is a number one candidate proper now By the conservative get together however who is aware of Maybe Boris Johnson reclaims his Throne and I don't know if that's Thing or a nasty factor however there's that Uh so it's getting fascinating but additionally Germany is wanting fascinating too Because uh fascinating in a nasty means Because their Reliance on Russian oil And pure gasoline proper now they're Turning up their nuclear crops as a result of They're attempting to desperately get off And turn into extra into power Independence Thousands are protesting uh asking for Relief as a result of Energy costs have Skyrocketed in Germany proper so the Citizens are getting antsy and that is On high of inflation on high of all the pieces Else so clearly lots of Bad issues nonetheless occurring uh in Europe And um and in Germany however We will see we are going to see if a few of these

Things get resolved uh by 12 months and Probably not most likely not we'll most likely Get a brand new prime minister in UK however as For Germany's scenario does look fairly Dire at this level I don't know there's A very fast approach to turn into extra Independent power unbiased and transfer To I don't know EV like their automobiles and Everything else proper all proper so That's sort of the macro stuff so we Have some constructive information outdoors of Germany proper that would additionally ship Things greater and naturally main again To bitcoin there are a lot of that imagine That you realize what's happening with Germany what's happening with Japan What's happening with the US and the UK And uh and in all places around the With all of the the Fiat issues inflation Problem banking issues proper so of Course we now have individuals like Robert Kiyosaki that has been very very very Very adamant about getting off of Fiat And leaping into gold silver and Bitcoin He loves his gold he loves his silver And now he loves Bitcoin Because he Believes these three issues Are the way you hedge towards Fiat the way you Hedge towards governments proper and he He's not alone another person Also says Bitcoin because the anti-sovereign Fiat play proper so increasingly more individuals Are studying about Bitcoin proper extra

And extra individuals wish to choose out of the Current Financial system S I ought to say in order that's why there are So many which are turning to bitcoin Again one other factor that may drive Bitcoin up actually in the long term Because individuals simply need one thing Better they positively need one thing Better and I I did see this from Robert Kawasaki generally individuals ask me hey George I've a pal or my mom or My my sister or my my greatest pal you Know what it doesn't matter what I say about Bitcoin they simply don't imagine it they Think it's backed by nothing and I can't Convince them in any other case proper generally It's only a misplaced trigger you do what you Can and also you attempt to educate however there are Some that refuse to imagine refuse to Listen and refuse to assist themselves So that is what what Robert mentioned Basically don't train pigs to sing and Waste your time and annoys the pig why Waste your time at pigs they're silly Their minds are closed purchase gold silver Bitcoin and sing whereas pigs are crying Take care I imply he say that very Bluntly however truthfully that's true there Are some those that hey you realize what They don't they simply don't wish to be taught Right however so long as you do so long as You know you're higher for it proper so You do what you may and also you ignore the Haters or those that's actually simply

Refuse to imagine in any other case Um all proper what else is there ethereum Very constructive for ethereum you realize the The deflationary side to to now submit Merge is unquestionably kicking in you may See after submit merge the ethernet Inflation nonetheless there was somewhat bit And it went up barely however now it's Coming down a giant means it could possibly be Dropping however earlier than or pre-merge numbers And proceed to go down so the Deflationary side of the burning and With the lower of recent eth issuance is Definitely having impact on ethereum This is why I'm bullish on ethereum even Though they haven't found out fairly How to scale but however within the close to time period This is unquestionably very very constructive as Less and fewer eth is being placed on the Market and increasingly more is being burned In reality Yeah a ton a ton of ethereum is being Bought by whales proper now uh so over The previous few what the few months no even Less than simply only one and a half Months Now tackle is holding a million or More eth have elevated by 14 so suppose About that proper I've been displaying you Guys lots of these metrics in regards to the Whales shopping for behind the scenes Yeah they're nonetheless doing it not simply With Bitcoin they're doing it with Ethereum additionally I've one about chain

Link additionally about Doge any huge challenge out There you bought some whales that's actually Accumulating proper now so very very Positive Um let's see right here yeah I simply obtained completed Chain hyperlink additionally a ton of whales stocking Up on hyperlink proper now as effectively the identical Thing I don't have all the pieces however the Same day you could possibly discover metrics all day Long about whales stocking them on stocking up on even Solana Stocking up on polka dot proper These guys they know what they're doing They're shopping for behind the scenes when Things are low when others are panicking Right That's the way to do it that's the best way To do it sending a polygon couple Polygon metrics for you guys lively Users is now I imply it's greater than ethereum that's That's how nice that's their lively Users is bigger than ethereum proper now Because they don't have any scaling limitations So they might scale infinitely actually And it exhibits after which various dapps On board over 37 000 and continues to climb so that is The purpose why I'm very bullish on Polygon general As for polka dot fascinating sufficient Gavin would X co-founder of ethereum he Steps down as CEO as a result of he desires to Become the Chief Architect he doesn't

Want to be CEO he desires to be creating And promote a mass adoption of polka dot Web 3.0 and all the pieces else that comes With it proper so he's not quitting by Any means he's not leaving polka dot however Someone else goes to take the function CEO whereas he might consider Developing if you consider it that Makes sense Gavin wooden is a programmer If you have a look at what he did for ethereum I imagine he's the one which began he Wrote sensible contracts proper so so he's a Very very sensible man relating to Development so this is sensible and even Charles Said this about him from the temporary time I spent with Gavin From his work during the last half decade I feel his this new function fits him very Well he's a fantastic improvement for or This is a good improvement for polka Dots progress so Good great things great things general all Right guys so Let's do some uh let's do some q a I don't have any water with me so no Point of going to mute All proper How are you guys this Saturday morning It's stunning out Right it's stunning out But then it's gonna get chilly once more So Um let's see right here

Crypto will says Ada e to pump I don't Disagree I simply obtained completed speaking about Eating I feel that eat burn is is Uh is extra essential now or not no it's More impactful that's what I imply to say It's extra impactful now as a result of every Issuance have dropped a lot so yeah Um let's see that's good hopium that's Why I'm right here Uh Mercedes SUV too dear it's but when You need the most effective of the most effective You know that's uh that's Mercedes for You the the the model They constructed such a picture And uh and life-style I suppose that comes With that picture that's why they might Charge with a cost Adera carried out native for H-bar effectively that's good That's superb something something any Project that doesn't have staking and Will be carried out staking I feel That's fairly good I believed hedera had That already I didn't know that was Recent however Um So that's good uh chain hyperlink can be Getting staking quickly after which there's I Think this there's one different challenge I Forget which one Where's that graph I began with yeah This one proper It's an fascinating one ground and decor Floor and Decor of the the corporate I

Bought some good uh wooden floors from Floor and Decor earlier than Um hey George is uh butter at this Moment to purchase a full BDC or purchase little By little I can't reply that for you man it Depends in your monetary scenario Depends on how a lot cash you must DCA Because should you don't have any spare money And you go all in on one BDC and it Drops down again to 18 000 you go say oh That's unhealthy time you go second guess Yourself So it actually depends upon how a lot money You have along with your long-term targets Can you proceed to DCA Right however proper now it's actually a Good time to be shopping for Yeah apecoin that's the opposite one I knew There was one other one there's a number of Projects That hasn't um has an enabled staking up But staking if you consider it's Good as a result of not solely it offers individuals Rewards but it surely actually offers individuals a means To maintain them it offers them a purpose to Hold as a result of now they've their their Coins locked up which means much less individuals Are panicking much less individuals are Panic Selling so general staking that's why It's good after which with staking you may Elaborate on that you realize and construct up Defy that means

It's all great things Back thanks respect that Um just one Bitcoin regardless of the worth Is a fantastic achievement that's true it's Much simpler to personal one Bitcoin when it's At three when it was at three thousand Or when it was at ten thousand proper however Right now Much simpler to build up one Bitcoin Than than say 69 000 or 40 000 or 50 000 Right so it's all it's about all about Perspective Um so however regardless It's one Bitcoin doesn't matter If Bitcoin is one thousand or three Thousand or ten thousand hundred Thousand million {dollars} is one Bitcoin Right now We all have to love we're all like Judging Bitcoin by it to USD Right however USD {dollars} are being inflated And devalued every day and it's Getting worse so we're evaluating to Something that's getting increasingly more Worthless Bitcoin alternatively will not be someday We may examine all the pieces to SATs Instead proper and we don't examine it to USD then issues will probably be very very Interesting Uh D Keenan effectively You'll discover out that DCA portfolio I DC Into it each Wednesday night time so should you Want to know the way it's doing

Tune in Wednesday night time Uh is it nonetheless good to carry e for Long time period regardless of the rumors of it being Centralized it is likely to be categorized as a sure sure as a result of these are Rumors individuals are speculating And in any case What's your ideas who cares what the Rumors say have you ever completed your personal Research do you suppose it's centralized And do you suppose it'll be categorized Security proper don't simply take different People's phrase for it do your personal Research and And decide if it's true and in that case if You suppose then then don't don't be Holding on to ethereum proper so that you Decide don't hearken to what different individuals Say you determine do some homework Bob the Lego nerd hey you realize I really like Legos Um however I don't have time to construct any I constructed uh the brand new Nano Gauntlet it's in My background however you may't actually see It the digicam cuts off that's the final Thing I constructed Uh what do you consider B5 rsk and Dex like sovereign I'm not too accustomed to them so I Can't actually remark So something centralized what we think about A safety no that's not that's not true That's not true Security was deemed as safety is

Different okay you bought this SEC has Their Howie check however generally they simply They simply wing it and say hey that's the Security in order that's why the Ripple Lawsuit is so essential I feel Ripple's gonna win and once they Do uh it'll push again on SEC in order that they Can't simply do regardless of the hell they Want and simply name all the pieces a safety Laughs Uh Grandpa rocks a number of months in the past money Was trash now everybody go to money that's Not true uh though it's essential To have money however money remains to be trash however It's simply it's essential have money to be Able to purchase different issues So that's the explanation why Um however being in 100 money I don't suppose That's the proper transfer as little as we're Right now with Bitcoin and you could possibly Argue the identical factor with equities with Some of your favourite firms proper This is a time to be shopping for does it imply That you must be Reckless and put all Your money in proper now Right however I feel the the sensible factor is To yeah to have to be shopping for Now to carry proper after which when issues Come again up like what you see right here all Those inexperienced circles as soon as issues come Back up they arrive up very very quick very Very fast that's why you're holding for Those enormous upsides and also you don't wish to Be lacking them should you do then it type

Of simply ruined the entire thing proper so That's why you don't wish to be 100 in Cash however having money is essential so that you Can proceed to DCA and proceed to purchase Low so it's sort of a mixture Mix between the 2 Uh it's a recreation of shopping for and promoting Yeah Um glad I loaded up on Aptos Good for you however I'm gonna keep far-off Far far-off from that FTX invested Project a lot happening with SPF and FTX and His self-proposed guidelines and all that Stuff yeah and plus Facebook is concerned With Aptos Um there's a lot stuff controversy I'm Staying far-off from it uh lots of Times very puffed up the final challenge That was simply puffed up was ICP and Remember what it did it shot as much as the Top ten I feel a shot as much as the highest Five But have a look at the place they're now does Anyone speak about ICP anymore God watch out you gotta watch out all Right guys Oh oh shoot I closed it oh no I did no I Didn't I closed it All proper guys to conclude hey should you're Thinking about shopping for it is a nice Great alternative I confirmed you guys why There's so many metrics on the market that Show that the underside is in issues are

Going to get higher so keep robust keep Focused and preserve holding I'll see you Guys later okay tomorrow identical time 10 30 Or no 11 30 a.m Central Standard Time in The meantime go try my different Videos as effectively smash the like subscribe To channel take care bye-bye