You Won’t Believe What I Found 30ft Deep Underwater! (RECORD BREAKING)

How to Plunge Like a Professional Swimmer

The dive that a swimmer makes into the water is something that can impact the way how a swimming run starts. By getting a good plunge into the water it will be easy to get a good speed going. Here is how to plunge properly for the best possible results.

How to Perform a Somersault Like a Professional Swimmer

The somersault is an important part of swimming laps in a pool. When a good somersault is completed the swimmer will be able to continue moving at a good pace without losing a great amount of speed. A good somersault performance can be vital to success in the pool. It can be easy to get this activity to be done.

Interval Training For Swimming Fitness

If you are a lap swimmer that enjoys it for over all fitness or a competitive swimmer, you should be doing intervals for improved fitness and speed. The benefits of interval training for swimming some fast laps will make great improvements in your fitness level.

Children's Wetsuits – More Than Just Protection From the Cold

A children's wetsuit these days is not just about protecting the kids from the chilly waters and icy sea spray, it has also become a fashion item at the beach. Not only outside at the surf, but you can now even find junior wearing a wetsuit in the indoor swimming pool.

Different Types of Swim Fins

When buying swim fins it is important to note the different types. Two of which are divers fins and swimmers fins. The two are distinctly different.

Shed Pounds With an Inground Pool

When people look to diet and lose weight, they want to successfully reach this goal with as little boring or strenuous activity as possible. But when someone says diet and exercise plan the first thing the customer, or reader thinks is, it is going to take forever, it is going to be very time consuming, and it is not going to be too enjoyable. But what if I told you one of the easiest, fastest ways to burn calories could be sitting right in your back yard, and a very nice luxury activity. Would you want to exercise then?

Ten Tips For Buying Swimwear to Make You Look Good by the Pool Or the Beach

We can all sympathize with a friend or relative when they have canceled a social event because they were asked to bring swimwear. Whether buying in person or online, most women cringe at the thought of buying swimwear. Its easy if you have a few simple steps to help you recognize your weaknesses and either camouflage them or cover them up.

An Important Trick to Help You Swim Faster

Competing under pressure can have a negative outcome for many swimmers. The in-ability to relax before their event can make it difficult to swim their best time. At practice they may have been doing better times than they pulled off at a meet. Sometimes just being at a large meet where the best swimmers show up can make it worse.

Lifeguard Certification Information

If you are interested in becoming a lifeguard then you will need your certification before you can get hired. A certification generally costs a few hundred dollars and requires the ability to swim prior to taking the certification course. Depending on whether you want to become a lifeguard for a neighborhood pool or an ocean lifeguard you will have very different swimming prerequisites.

Basic Swimming Technique – Learn to Be a Better Swimmer

The human body is composed primarily of water, and thus has a very similar density. But since only roughly 70% of the body is water, it is slightly less dense than the surrounding water, which exerts a buoyant force on it. Thus, staying afloat requires only a slight propelling of water downward relative to the body, and transverse motion only a slight propelling of water in a direction opposite to the direction of intended motion, due to generally low hydrodynamic drag. This propelling is typically accomplished by cupping the hands and using them as paddles, and by kicking the legs to push water away from the body.

Learning to Dive Into Water – How to Learn to Dive Safely and Easily

Diving is not as difficult as it looks; the main barrier is often psychological, as diving head-first into the surface seems likely to hurt. To avoid any pain (and the possibility of being knocked unconscious) the hands are usually held out (preferably palms-first) to protect the head. Fingertips-first entries often do not cast a large enough “shadow” to protect the head from a high height.

Teaching Kids How to Swim – Advice on Instructor Options

Are you a parent who wishes for his child to learn the basics of swimming? If so, then have you thought about how to do it and who the teacher would be? As you can see, teaching children how to swim can be a daunting task.

Swimming Pool Safety Guidelines

This article gives simple, easy to follow guidelines on how to make sure your swimming pool is safe. It gives sensible practical advice on how to make sure toddlers and non-swimmers are protected from accidents and also gives a few guidelines on safe use of swimming pool chemicals.

Swimming Pool Chemical Levels Must Be Known to Maintain a Healthy Pool

This article talks about why it is important to know your chemical levels and how different factors affect swimming pool chemicals, it also discusses the best time to add chemicals, considerations when you bring a pool into use after a winter break and mentions briefly alternatives to chlorine use for sanitation.

A Safe Swimming Pool Doesn't Need Chlorine

This article outlines in brief the main ways you can sanitise a swimming pool to reduce or eliminate the use of harsh sanitiser chemicals such as chlorine. The article does not provide how to guides, it outlines alternative approaches to chlorine use, the benefits, and prompts the user to further investigation.

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