YouTuber Discovers Sunken Ship in a Drained River! (Explored for Treasure)

Awkward Moments in the Pool

Today, when I tuned in to the most famous local radio station, YES 93.3FM, I was interested in their conversation because it was something related to swimming. They were talking about the most awkward moment in the swimming pool. It is kind of interesting when everyone shares their awkward experiences on the air.

Swimming For Weight Loss and Fitness

Swimming is a low impact exercise that will get you in shape and losing weight. Even if someone does not know how mot swim a pool can still be used to help them fit.

Why a Singaporean Should Learn Swimming

Recently, the heavy downpour in Singapore resulted in flooding in several areas. It even happened twice in one week.

Tips on How to Swim Freestyle Faster and Cut Time

When it comes to swimming competitively, you not only have to know how to swim the freestyle but you have to know how to swim it fast. This means knowing as many little tips and tricks as possible in order to get the most efficiency out of your stroke. A few of these tips will be explained here!

Pool Safety For Children

Owning a pool of your own is often a great way to have fun for you, your whole family, as well as your friends. Even though a pool can be enjoyable, it is also quite dangerous if you have young children about. If you can wait, you should put it off until your children are least five or even older before you get a pool on your property. However, in the event that you already have a swimming pool, you'll find options that you can protect your children.

5 Health Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

If you had to assign one attribute to the kind of people who jump into ice-encrusted lakes for fun, it would probably be: weird. But, if pushed for a second, I bet it would be: healthy. Boost your immune system, burn calories, improve your sex life… discover more about the health benefits you can get from swimming in cold water.

Nine Things You Must Know to Keep Safe While Swimming in the Ocean

In the summertime, swimming in the surf is one of the favourite sports of people of all ages in Australia (and in many other places around the world). Each year in Australia, Surf Life Savers save around 12,000 people. In addition to these rescues they also give first aid treatment to over 28,000 people.

Swimming As a Lifestyle

All over the world, people have always enjoyed swimming. It's not only a recreational activity but a serious sport as well.

Watches For Swimmers – Tips on How to Buy the Best

There are a lot of stores that sell sports watches. You just need to make sure that the watch that you will buy is specific for swimming. Keep in mind that you need to remember some tips before you buy a watch for your swimming activity.

Swimming As a Healthy Recreation

Many people enjoy swimming all over the world. It's a hugely popular form of recreation. It's also a prized form of sport in many areas.

Master Freestyle Swimming – What Not to Do

Mastering freestyle swimming mechanics is critical for the success of any swimmer. But, when you are a beginner, how do you know what mistakes you are making? Here are a few common mistakes made by beginners and tips on how to fix them.

Freestyle Drill Progression – Improve Your Freestyle Piece by Piece

Are you tired of getting lapped every time at swim practice? Don't try to swim faster, swim smarter. Practicing freestyle drills in succession can help to improve your stroke and overall speed. Here are some simple drills (and their benefits) that you can practice on your own!

Swimming As an Exercise

Many people love to swim. It is fun and recreational and also healthy. Worldwide people love to do this for fun and also for sport.

Swimming – Benefits of a Family Sport

One of the oldest water sports is swimming. What makes it more inviting is that the sport has the least number of injuries compared to other sports. During vacation, beaches, water parks and lakes are filled with swimming enthusiasts.

The Benefits of Swimming

All over the world people love to swim in the water and feel the cool, refreshing feel of it as they dip into a pool or other body of water. It's a form of recreation, and also in many countries it is a sport, with people swimming competitively and even taking it to professional levels. If you compare the number of swimming related injuries to injuries from other sports, you see that there are fewer swimming injuries, which has to be a point of interest.

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