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How Can I Learn to Swim a Relaxed Freestyle?

Being able to breath in a relaxed way while swimming goes hand in hand with being overall relaxed as you swim. You want to avoid feeling like you are rushing through your breathing which can come from being too tense.

4 Drills That Will Improve Your Swim Technique Today

Are you looking to add some variety to your swimming workouts? Mix up your swim training sessions by adding the following drills to your next pool visit. Here are four to practice.

Latin American Heroes – Jorge Delgado Panchana!

During the South American Swimming Championship, which was held in Arica (Chile) in the early 1970s, Ecuador's swimmer Jorge Delgado came to international attention when he picked up a total of eight medals (5 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze). In Arica, Delgado, 17, beat Juan Carlos “Johnny” Bello, a sporting legend in Peru and Latin America. Without a doubt, he was Bello's successor. Some years ago, at a meet in the United States, Bello had defeated Mark Spitz, who won seven 1972 Olympic golds.

Do You Have Trouble Relaxing While Swimming? You Need to Learn to Relax

What are some things a swimmer can do to improve their efficiency when swimming? There are technique issues you need to be conscious of so you can propel yourself through the water with less difficulty. It would be useless trying to swim like you are towing a barge behind you, you will tire yourself out and will never complete a race in a top position.

Swimming Lessons – Why Do I Always Cramp During Swimming?

Cramps in the legs are some of the most bothersome things to deal with when swimming. These cramps can occur because of a variety of different types of factors that one gets into when swimming.

Swimming Lessons – Steps to Prepare For Your Swimming Competition

A big swimming competition can be an exciting thing to get into. However you should know that you will be more likely to succeed if you use the right steps to prepare for this type of competition. Here are a few steps that you should be using so that you can be successful.

Swimsuits For Woman

Choosing a swimwear isn't that much easy as one have to look for price, color, style, size and more. You need to satisfy yourself with your choice and whenever picking a swimsuit, check whether it fits you the best from a view from behind. Avoid suits which are too tight and light colored.

How to Breathe Underwater

A person who knows how to breathe underwater will reap a number of advantages. Swimmers take advantage of this ability when they take lesser breaths so they can be ahead. Breathing underwater is also important during emergency situations related to survival and avoiding drowning.

Tips For Teaching Your Kids to Swim

Swimming as we all know is a life saving skill. Whether or not we as adults can swim ourselves, most people want their children to be able to swim. While most primary and secondary schools have swimming lessons at some point, many parents like to take it further then that and teach their kids themselves, whether via paid lessons or teaching their kids themselves.

The Benefits of Swimming For Children

Children who like swimming will take many benefits from it. Those benefits are very useful for their body.

What You Can Gain From Swimming – Part 2

There are some other benefits that you can gain from swimming. In this part, I will explain about the other benefits of swimming and the things that you have to do before swimming.

What You Can Gain From Swimming – Part 1

Swimming is a kind of sport that can improve your health. This is a non weight barring sport. When you swim, the risk of getting injured is very small.

The Best Selection For Swimwear

Design is another important factor that especially women should concentrate on. There are more varieties on flattering suits, suits that fits your curves, suits that minimizes hip, suits that carve waistlines, some adds shape to specific areas etc… when talking about design, lines and color play an important role as they minimize the heavy look of certain parts of the body. A vertical stripe gives a minimized look and horizontal gives accentuating effect.

The Right Goggles For Your Swim

When choosing swimming goggles, make sure that they serve two purposes. They should cover your eyes completely in such a way that it prevents water entering your eyes. Second thing is they should be comfortable enough to wear for a long time.

Why You Should Go Swimming

Swimming is one activities that you'll find a lot of people enjoy doing, it is a great way to spend time under the summer sun as well as a good place to bond with your friends and family. Aside from those, swimming is also an excellent form of work out for your body.

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